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PLAYLIST: What’s New On What The Pop?

Hands up if you know how many different classifications of pop music exist?

If you said 11 – well done. According to some sources you would be correct! According to others pop music is simply what’s ‘popular’. That’s fine but I need to categorize things ok!

What are they I hear you ask? Well, click here for a quick rundown together with definitions, some sample songs and a full Spotify playlist, then check out the latest songs that have just been added to the awesome playlist below

‘Before I Knew (Summer)’ – May Rosa

May Rosa is the alt-pop singer-songwriter of your dreams. Utilising synthesizers, strings and haunting Kate-Bush-esque vocals, she draws you into her world with addictively hypnotizing songs. Belfast born but living in London, May Rosa burst into the scene with her debut ‘Dancing in the Debris’ last year. Since then she has been writing, recording and honing her sound, the product of which is her upcoming EP release ‘Waxwork Sweetheart.’

The first single from the EP, ‘All The Ways’ is a tantalising first morsel of what’s to come – a brooding pop song that swirls between dreamy and foreboding. Written on the reflection of a relationship with someone who would never change, “The whole thing was like a film on repeat; knowing the narrative like the back of my hand but continuing to watch and hope for a different outcome.” The result is enchanting. The full EP ‘Waxwork Sweetheart’ will be released in February, with music videos and live shows to be announced in the new year, so stay tuned to May Rosa to hear more from her deliciously dark world.

‘Anchor’ – Vallies

Rising from the ashes of Gold Coast’s MNVR and Northern Rivers rock outfit Antimata, Vallies are a band in their infancy hoping to achieve big things.

‘Shivers & Shake’ – The Lost Hours

The Lost Hours is 20-year-old mercurial singer/songwriter Callum James Hamilton.

Callum James is a young singer-songwriter based in Leeds. He has a fresh folky voice complimenting skilful acoustic guitar melodies. His music has a young current appeal which embraces the best of British folk that has seen him compared to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Passenger and Lewis Watson. Drawing on influences as diverse as The Beatles, Cat Stevens, James Taylor right up to contemporary artists such as Damien Rice and Paolo Nutini. He successfully blends an eclectric mix of styles and genres into his own unique sound. At just 17-years-old, James already has a number of merits to his name; He has spent the last two years writing material and playing venues around the Leeds area. Callum is currently unsigned and studies at Leeds College of Music.

‘Run’ – Ben Catley

Appearing on huge festival lineups, Western Australia’s Ben Catley has been performing all across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Holland, Singapore, Réunion Island and The Philippines. With huge vocals, blistering guitar playing and an infectious stage energy, he captivates large crowds like few other solo acts.

Working tirelessly between tours to put out multiple releases throughout the last year, Ben has new music available and on its way on all digital platforms.

‘Across The Glass’ – Neev

Singer-songwriter Neev has a voice that stays with you. Warm and husky, whilst also curious and delicate. Combined, this creates an intimate sound somewhere between Rachel Sermanni and Lianne La Havas.

While her lyrics set out on broad themes – relationships, existential angst, quarter-life-crises – Neev has a remarkable knack for discovering beauty in the small details.

Her first single ‘Burning To Dust’ was released in 2019 as a vocally focused acoustic arrangement with violin.

Originally from Glasgow, Neev is the latest Scottish songwriter charming crowds in London – a place where nobody can pronounce her real name, Niamh. Hence, ‘Neev’ was born.

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Wait, there’s more…

‘Cabaret’ – Prince Of Sweden

‘Your Country Needs You Pt.1’ – Vache Garcon

‘Everything’ – Danny Drew

‘The Highway Again’ – Remington Super 60

‘Liar’ – Samira Hills

Don’t forget – get categorizing here and follow the full playlist below!

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