YOUTUBE PROMOTION: Get More Views And Subscribers For Your YouTube Channel

YOUTUBE PROMOTION: Get More Views And Subscribers For Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Promotion

Order YouTube Promotion from Drooble and get your music boosted to thousands of new listeners on the most popular site for on-demand music streaming.

Harness the power of online advertising on YouTube to drive music lovers to your songs and get more subscribers, plays, comments and likes.

This YouTube Promotion package will empower you to…

Expand your fan base and reach new audiences

Promote your music outside of Drooble

Get more music purchases

Increase your YouTube channel subscribers

Receive new plays, likes and comments

Find out how the audience perceives your music

How It Works…

Once you have placed your order, the Drooble team will prepare your ads and launch the promotion campaign on YouTube according to your preferences.

Keep in mind you only pay for real views when viewers actually watched your video ad in its entirety or after 30 seconds, whichever comes first.

The viewers have the option to skip an ad after 5 seconds but money will not be charged when they skip. When the promotion ends, you will receive a detailed report about the performance and reach of your ads.

Sign up now and thanks to the beautiful people here at Talk About Pop Music if you use our promo code NCF8S when ordering you’ll get an awesome 5% discount from any regular Drooble service.


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