VIRTUAL TOURING: Let Us Help You Beat The Isolation

VIRTUAL TOURING: Let Us Help You Beat The Isolation

Isolation, Loneliness, Cancelled Gigs & Postponed Tours.

We don’t need to explain the impact that Coronavirus is having on everyone but what we do want to talk about is how we can help.

Many artists are having to cancel gigs and these days gigging and touring is a big part of what artists do to promote their music, get new fans and make money. It’s troubling times for music.

How can we help?

It’s been reported that big acts like Coldplay are streaming live sessions to their fans so we want to help you follow their lead. We don’t have any fancy equipment or technology but we do have readers and we do have social media accounts and we do have the ability to let you use them so you can stream live music sessions to our followers.

Wow! Great idea Steve – lets get s**t done. But how?

Let’s keep it simple. Arrange a time with us, we will advertise, promote and then turn over our social media account to you so you can do your awesome thing and broadcast it live to all our followers. This can be done on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it’s up to you. We’ve got an audience if you can do the music!

I’ll be realistic and honest here, we don’t have a massive audience (we’re no Pitchfork) but we’ve got an audience, a very loyal audience who can also help share the love and get us through this together with a song in our heart and a smile on our face.

A Virtual Tour

We are currently in talks with other music blogs who could offer the same service so your music could be exposed to a wider audience and you still don’t even have to leave your home, studio, office or sofa.

These are worrying times for sure but music always has a way of bringing people together and making things seem less bad.

Get in touch today!

Would you be interested in this? Either as an artist or another blog? If so, get in touch now by emailing:

We can take it from there.

Together we can get through this! Don’t worry if you don’t think your music fits with the site and please, please  – don’t stop the music!

Steve x

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