Pontus de Wolfe & Ludwig Bell

FRESH: ‘Beats and Noise’ – Pontus de Wolfe and Ludwig Bell

Pontus de Wolfe and Ludwig Bell get together for “Beats and Noise”!

All the way from Stockholm, Sweden, the first co-release from songwriters Pontus de Wolfe and Ludwig Bell, “Beats and Noise” is out now…and it’s a dystopisan, yet uplifting and escapist indie dance banger! Both being professional songwriters and famous Swedish indie artists in their own right, this is Pontus and Ludwig’s first attempt at writing music for themselves as a duo, and we think you’ll love it on first hearing!

”We both liked this song we’d come up with song, but couldn’t find any obvious candidates to pitch it to. We soon figured, that to be able to shape it without compromise the way we envisioned it, we would have to take the lead on it ourselves. I grabbed the mic and Ludwig the guitar, and off we flew, letting the song create the path for us. We’re both dying to find out where our next song will take us”, Pontus tells us. Great!

For more about Pontus, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page
And for more about Ludwig, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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