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PLAYLIST: What’s New On The New Music Express?

“Remember the days when the only way we discovered new music through magazines and newspapers? Times have changed and although we do love a bit of nostalgia here at Talk About Pop Music we move with the times. So here it is – a brand new playlist, available to you instantly.”

The New Music Express is one of our newer Spotify playlists that’s growing all the time.

Updated regularly with new songs of a more indie, edgy vibe, it contains 100 awesome songs! Find out more here.

So, what’s new on the New Music Express recently?

‘Hollywood Fool’ – Cry Red

Blending epic pop rock guitar lines with powerful yet intimate vocal melodies, Cry Red’s fusion of contemporary indie pop rock with traditional rock echoes global influences from U2 to Coldplay to Manic Street Preachers. The result is a catalogue of songs breathing heartfelt words and infectious melodies.

Formed by songwriter and musician Anthony Hutchins on the back of original studio recordings with singer and BBC’s “The Voice” finalist Karl Michael, Cry Red have performed their catalogue of epic pop rock songs to much acclaim throughout prestigious venues in the UK such as London’s The 100 Club, whilst recording with leading producers such as Brit Award winner Chris Potter (The Verve, Richard Ashcroft).

The Cry Red line up in 2020 features Jayson Keeler (Vocals), Anthony Hutchins (Guitar & Keys), Bruno Centofanti (Guitar), Dom Peyton (Bass) and Ed Boateng (Drums).

Produced by Tim Wills (Ian Brown), Cry Red’s NEW album “Everything and the space in between” is OUT NOW on all major streaming services, and features lead singles “Hollywood Fool” and “Vertigo”, both supported by music videos on YouTube.

‘Holy’ – Kevin Maguire

Twenty-four-year-old Kerin Maguire is an indie-folk/ alternative singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. A self-taught musician, she began playing guitar and writing lyrics at the age of ten. Her music is influenced by personal experiences and the trials and tribulations of life. Kerin’s appreciation of the literary arts drives her to create heartfelt, original music. She is often described as having a “unique,” soulful voice. Kerin varies her musical sound, playing a variety of instruments including electric guitar, bass, and drums. She produces songs that are thoughtful and credits many artists such as Brandi Carlile, Julien Baker, and Regina Spektor as influences.

‘Hunger’ – Brooke Law

Brooke Law was raised in a family unit with fiercely strong, independent women, she is committed to the fight for gender and racial equality and strives to support women and campaigns along with Million Women Rise to combat violence against women and children.

Of Asian and European heritage, Brooke has grown up in an environment that encouraged freedom of expression. Taking on influences from everyone from artists such as Annie Lennox to Joan Armatrading to Jeff Buckley, Brooke’s music, like her beliefs, is uncompromising: emotional and direct, it truly comes from the heart – in her own words it’s “gutsy pop”.

Ultimately Brooke is a storyteller who is using her concepts and visuals to start a conversation. Her Debut EP is called Archetypes with each song represent a different female archetype.

’20 Dollar’ – Tracing Faces

Tracing Faces is an energetic four-piece alternative rock band consisting of frontman Cole Maurer, lead guitarist Chris Fallon, bassist Parker Olszak, and drummer Cole Thomas. The group is best known for their modern take on the classic alternative rock sound they grew up with. Also, we like dogs.

‘I Hear Ghosts’ – Our Friends

Our Friends have known each other for a long time. A very long time. 14 years to be exact – a lifetime to be poetic. Spawned out of their shared suburban boredom of their youth, Our Friends is a band that looks wide and long in terms of inspiration, without ever losing sights of themselves. This is reflected well in their music. Their sound is an extrovert and unrestrained type of pop, but with an intimate honesty and vulnerability in the lyrics – one that is usually saved for one’s closest circle of friends. The contrasts are seamlessly sewn together with equal parts melodic synths and sweeping guitar riffs. The result is the sound of uncontrollable spurs of creativity as well as a long and true friendship.

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Wait there’s more…

‘The Other Side’ – Pelicat

‘Take Control’ – Two Weeks In Nashville

‘Deserter’ – Crystal Tides

‘Old Crow’ – Thomas & The Empty Orchestra

‘The Claw’ – Bony Macaroni

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