Music Submissions

Get your music heard by Talk About Pop Music and BEYOND using these awesome platforms.


Musosoup is a press generation engine for bands and artists, helping them to get reviews, interviews, live sessions and more. We are passionate about helping artists and content creators. We want to create a positive environment that helps both to continue doing what they love.


MySphera is the ultimate platform that matches between cutting edge artists with  the new age of content tastemakers. All in a single click.

Artists, stop chasing bloggers, influencers, playlisters and get your music to the right tastemakers hassle free. So you can unlock new audiences, create digital assets, while keeping your focus on your art.

We’re moving towards the right direction: Our tailor made solutions have helped thousands of artists reach new audiences and unlock new fans.

Yet, authenticity is key for every campaign we run, we believe tastemakers who keep it real bring real value in return.


SubmitHub was founded in late 2015 as a way to make the process of sending music to curators as easy and transparent as possible. We give you all sorts of statistics and ways to filter who to send your music to so you can make sure your song ends up in the right hands. For curators, this means getting sent more music you’ll actually like.

The process works well: more than 639,000 songs have been shared to date. But the competition is stiff, and even the most-successful artists can’t please everyone. Music is subjective, and no two curators hear a song the same way. As such, SubmitHub is best used by individuals who have realistic expectations about what success in the music industry looks like in 2020.


Affordable Music Promotion for Artists of ALL Genres!

For 20 years The Indie Bible has helped independent artists of all genres with music promotion, getting signed to a record deal, having their music reviewed, getting radio airplay, distribution and radio promotion.

The Indie Bible is over 1500 pages and is organized into 16 secitons. Each section is sorted by genre and geographic location.

The Indie Bible will help you to gain worldwide exposure on a limited budget!