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Let’s get this playlist started with these awesome new songs…

‘Deja You’ – Mikayla Geier

Mikayla Geier is a full time business student/ballerina who recently decided to start giving music a try. Her music can be described as indie-bedroom-pop. She co-produced her debut single “Deja You” with Michael Bruner. She also enjoys creating videos, which led her to produce, shoot, and edit her music video for “Deja You.”

‘Vampire’ – Abstract

Raised in Wyoming, the independent artist known as Abstract has over the last 6 years assembled a team of producers and engineers from overseas (Drumma Battalion of Norway, Blulake of Sweden and Cryo Music of Scotland) a collective fittingly known as A Team Worldwide (ATWW). His music speaks heavily for those who grew up in small towns with heavy doses of motivation and self reflection across an array of musical styles. His life inspirations range anywhere from Billy Joel to Tyler The Creator, Logic to The Killers, Bob Dylan to Elon Musk.

With a heavily supportive fan base, he has 10 albums out to date and his last album “Something To Write Home About” charted from top 20 to top 5 on iTunes Hip Hop charts in 10 different countries. His song “Neverland” a flip of Ruth Bs “Lost Boy” has amassed over 90 million plays across the internet, while his song “I’m Good” with Drumma Battalion and Detroit artist “Roze” is on its way to double platinum in Norway purely off of Spotify streams. He also was recently on tour with New York artist Yonas for the west coast leg of his national tour. Him and his team continue to drop monthly music while working on their second fully collaborative, a sci-fi fi influenced concept album due out in early 2018.

‘Crazy’ – Calibur

Calvin Htet, AKA Calibur, is a Burmese and Taiwanese producer/DJ from Daly City, California. Coming from a deeply rooted musical background and being surrounded by many talented peers, he drew inspiration from those around him to pursue his dream: To unite people through his music.

Initially introduced to electronic music from Skrillex’s iconic Dubstep, he quickly expanded his tastes to subgenres such as Future Bass, Bass House, and Future Pop. Calvin is influenced by great producers such as Diplo, Slushii, and Ookay, who are known for their catchy hooks and addictive melodic drops. His style of music aims to combine professional and futuristic sound design from the electronic world, with the vibe and energy reminiscent of pop music. Since beginning his production journey in 2017, he has played alongside artists such as Beauz, Elephante, Ekali, and more.

Wait, there’s more…

‘Terminal’ – Every Living Soul

‘Carousel’ – Caleb Peters

‘Don’t Have Time’ – Fake Memories

‘I Need Your Love’ – Inego

‘I Got Nothing’ – Katoff

‘Beautiful’ – Rhye

‘Against The Wall’ – Ilton


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