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What Is The Hub?

The Hub is a new playlist from Talk About Pop Music where we want to continue to help new artists reach a wider audience and spread their music.

The Hub is a place where you can get up close and personal with new music in all shapes and forms.

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Let’s get this playlist started with these awesome new songs…

‘This Could Be Love’ – Owen Denvir

Training as a young orchestral viola player, Owen Denvir was drawn by the alternative sound of Bon Iver over Bach. These two styles of music influence his songwriting, which Hot Press magazine have described as “honest, personal… complex and affecting”.

Owen’s DIY production has totalled over 150,000 streams on Spotify and 2,000,000 views on videos across Facebook and Youtube, even drawing the attention of Coldplay on Twitter. Coupled with support slots for dodie, JC Stewart and Ryan McMullan as well as Irish TV appearances on BBC 1’s “Nolan Live”, ITV’s “UTV Life” and TV3’s “The 6 O’Clock Show” and major Irish radio playlisting, his music has stretched far beyond its quiet beginnings of his bedroom studio.

‘Bloom’ – Karl Boethius

With his charismatic and personal voice, Karl gives his listeners pop tracks with a soul influence that has become his hallmark. With colorful and personal lyrics Karl wants the listeners to take a step into his emotional world. He often use an upbeat tempo together with darker lyrics, a contradiction that will make the listener experience all emotions at the same time.

Karl often compares his music to the feeling of ”dancing and crying the same time” which is something he often can relate to.

Wait, there’s more…

‘Luck or Carelessness’ – rincs

‘good guys’ – LANY

‘Something More’ – Mantis Motel

‘Supposed 2 Be’ – Matt Madison

‘Remember Me’ – Tedious Weeds

‘Feel Me’ – Villains On Vacation

‘Blown Away’ – Orkun Yilmaz

‘Come Back To Me’ – Chantel Jeffries

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