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PLAYLIST: What’s New On The New Music Express?

“Remember the days when the only way we discovered new music through magazines and newspapers? Times have changed and although we do love a bit of nostalgia here at Talk About Pop Music we move with the times. So here it is – a brand new playlist, available to you instantly.”

The New Music Express is one of our newer Spotify playlists that’s growing all the time.

Updated regularly with new songs of a more indie, edgy vibe, it contains 100 awesome songs! Find out more here.

So, what’s new on the New Music Express recently?

‘Asylum’ – Sertari

Electro/indie pop singer songwriter Sertari has released her new single ‘”Asylum,” invoking a dark emotive side exploring a haunting, atmospheric yet subtle vocal colliding with break beats and gritty synths. The song is the stage for a battle of opposites in her mind; “A noisy place where no one ever sleeps.”

Sertari likes to explore new vocal ideas and take the listener on a journey. She has been compared to Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Dimonds and production influenced by Twenty-one Pilots.

Sertari has perforemed at many venues and festivals around the UK including O2 Islington, 101 club, Half moon, Storm just to name a few. She uses the stage as an outlet and has consistently shown the ambition to develop her own unique blend of emotive electro pop-rock with beautiful yet powerful vocals, driving guitars, atmospheric synths and big beats.

Born in the UK to a Cypriot family, she was brought up in a quiet town where the closest thing to the Mediterranean is Costa Coffee. She has evolved through her musical journey and will continue to write songs songs that she connects with.

‘Earth Dog Year’ – Jenna & the Janes

Jenna & the Janes is a Brooklyn based band led by singer-songwriter Jenna Smith. Her autobiographical folk songs are set to sweet and memorable melodies, which the Janes complement with lush vocal harmony and country-tinged dream-pop arrangements.

Band members include Jenna (lead vocals, guitar), Kenny Florence (lead guitar, vocals), Michael Sanders (bass, vocals), & John Stallings (drums). All four bandmates hail from the southern US—North Carolina & Louisiana—lending to the songs’ southern charm. The group can regularly be seen performing around New York City and is based in Brooklyn, NY.

‘Brave’ – The Sunset Kids

From the first moment The Sunset Kids sat down together with a keyboard and a guitar, the music clicked. There were no growing pains, no creative struggles — just pure musical chemistry.

The duo’s alchemical electro-pop collaboration began with a humble recording session: Canadian singer-guitarist Josh Palmer runs his own studio, and Russian-born songwriter Ellaya Zampieri stopped by to lay down one of her own tunes. “As soon as Ellaya showed up at my studio and played piano, I was just blown away instantly,” Josh remembers. “I could tell that there was a musical bond. That kind of thing either happens or it doesn’t — it’s like magic.”

Almost immediately, they began working on original material, and the songs poured out of them. Blending the blissful electronic blur of ‘80s dream pop with the giddy rush of modern folk rock, they instinctively developed a unique hybrid sound that overflows with catchy choruses and heart-on-sleeve emotions.

“I was born in Siberia and I grew up listening and singing Slavic folk songs,” Ellaya explains. “So, when we play electronic pop, it still has some folk elements.”

The duo’s debut album is Volcano, a rapturous outpouring of intensely personal lyrics and humble hooks. The 10 tracks range from towering pop anthems (“Ocean Clear,” “Brave”, “I Wanna Be”) to heart-swelling acoustic reveries (“Volcano,” “Atmosphere”) to dreamy, cinematic new wave (“Fantasy,” “Kingdom”).

Each new stylistic direction is tied together by The Sunset Kids self-production, the propulsive rhythms from guest drummer Ali Siadat (Mother Mother), and the duo’s note-perfect duet vocals. “It feels phenomenal when we sing together,” says Ellaya. “I just feel such a synchronicity — that’s the most beautiful part of singing a harmony with someone.”

Their once-in-a-lifetime musical connection shines through whenever Josh and Ellaya sing together. It’s a strange and wonderful twist of fate that brought together a producer from Canada and a songwriter from Siberia, so The Sunset Kids are making the most of every second of it.

‘Crystal Memory’ – Norman

Longstanding indie rock band, Norman, question the usefulness of memory on their fourth studio album, Buzz and Fade. The new release of 10 original songs are carried by a renewed energy. The sweeping synthesizers and anthemic guitars that have defined Norman for over a decade shine through on these energetic songs, and the band characteristically hints at different eras of rock and different eras of their own musical past while taking them in a new direction entirely.

‘Daydreaming’ – Mauritia

Armed with chiming guitars and firmly rooted pop authority, northern alt-pop quintet MAURITIA demands attention, captivating the hearts of all those who listen. Through powerful vocals and seductive rhythms, they paint vivid scenes of wild nights and urban romance on their ever-growing canvas. The band’s unorthodox approach to production and creativity oozes charm and allows them to stand apart from the rest.

Consisting of childhood friends Lee, Johnny, Sam, Sean and Josh, the band formed in 2017 and has come a long way since.

Already having the opportunity to play alongside the likes of Eliza and the Bear, Clean Cut Kid and Saint Raymond, the pop quintet demand attention with their catchy tracks and energetic stage presence.

Drawing influence from the likes of Coin, Foals and Two Door Cinema Club, the band boast a likeability that will see them go far.

‘Run With You’ – Ask Carol

Ask Carol formed in Norway in 2016 by front woman Karoline (aka Carol) and Ask. In spite of the bands short life, they have already toured internationally, having played in USA (two times at SXSW), Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Sweden and Denmark. In fall 2018 they did their first support-tour, playing support for The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Magna Carta Cartel, Anna Burch and more. Musically Ask Carol challenge the traditional conception of what a duo can be. With front woman Carol’s distinctive, dynamic range and badass vocals, this two-piece creates a wall of sound. With their guitars, drums and fuzz-synth, Ask Carol are a multitasking band, not afraid of pushing musical boundaries. Ask Carol’s music could make you think of bands like The Kills, Sonic Youth, The XX, and even K.Flay or Lana del Rey, but with darker grungy, nordic sound. You could call the genre nordic grungy alt-pop.

Following on from Ask Carol’s debut EP and the single Smiling All Day Long, the band are currently working on their debut full length album slated for release early 2020 with the first single from the album, “Come Closer” being a taste of things to come.

Wait there’s more…

‘Bad Vacation’ – Liza Anne

‘My Prescription’ – Consider Me Spilled

‘Toss and Turn’ – Farewell Teddy

‘Would You Mind’ – New Rivals

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