SOUNDTRACK YOUR BRAND: Make The Most Of The Down Time

Mood based music made easy!

If you have found yourself temporarily unable to work in your business then make the most of this gift of time and put some consideration into Soundtracking Your Brand.

Do you run your own business? Have you ever considered how the music you play in a public area affects the customer experience?

If you haven’t then you should! The music that people hear when exposed to your business will subliminally have an affect on their opinion of your brand.

Running a business takes time. Playing great music shouldn’t.

Don’t let all your hard work building up your business and brand be spoiled by someone simply playing their choice of music. This is where Soundtrack Your Brand can help.

What Is Soundtrack Your Brand?

Soundtrack Your Brand provide a service to allow you to easily create a soundtrack to fit with your brand. They do that hard work, so you don’t have to.

Plan your music week before it starts. Schedule your different soundtracks throughout the day to match the changing mood & tempo of your business.

No hardware needed! Most of their competitors make you buy a clunky music streaming box. They’ve built a super easy-to-use app instead – free of charge.

Convert your playlists into soundtracks. Turn your Spotify playlists into non-repetitive soundtracks. We automatically add more songs that match the vibe and update it weekly.

Never worry about licensing again. Unlike consumer services, Soundtrack is licensed for business. In the U.S., ASCAP and BMI are all included.

Bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, hotels, offices, spas, stores.

Whatever your business is, you really should be thinking about soundtracking your brand!

What Next? How Do I Get Soundtrack Your Brand?

Visit their website and decide if this is for you.

Happy soundtracking!

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