Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

PLAYLIST: What’s New On Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go?

Are you the worst for trying to listen to as much music as possible and this sometimes involves over-using the ‘skip to next’ button. Here’s a solution that will help keep you focussed on new tunes. A playlist full of new songs to listen to when  travelling. This can either be when you are travelling to work, jetting off somewhere on holiday or even just travelling by foot.

This way you are your very own captive audience. No distractions of iPads, iPhones, Netflix, cats or anything else that distracts you in a home environment. Perfect!

Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go’ is a new music playlist and it consists of 100 new songs being updated regularly. You can find our more here.

Anything goes on this playlist so there will be a little bit of everything!

So, what’s new on ‘Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go’ recently?

‘Best Day’ – Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer is the latest project for Chicago-based songwriter, musician, engineer, and producer Mark Swiderski. Mark has been writing, recording, and playing music for 20+ years. His songs have been featured in films (Ocean Monk – Sanjay Rawal), musicals (Firebringer – Starkid Productions), podcasts (Siblings Peculiar, How She Did It, You’re Hearing Things) and many other forms of media. Secret Admirer is the latest exploration of music for Mark. Searching out new sounds, instruments, and songwriting techniques, Secret Admirer aims to create music that is a unique blend of several genres including pop, indie, rock, and alternative folk.

When not creating music as Secret Admirer, he can also be found acting as a sound engineer/musician for Starkid Productions, a member of the Starkid Productions spin-off band Jim and the Povolos, and as a member of the Chicago based rock group Raised on Zenith.

‘Fuck It, I Love It!’ – ILIRA

Raised in a small Swiss town by Kosovo-Albanian parents, ILIRA struggled to find her place in an environment with clashing cultures. Citing a wide set of musical influences from Nirvana to Rihanna as her first major muses, ILIRA developed a rebellious middle- finger-wagging attitude at a very young age, shaping her into the artist that she is today. ILIRA began cutting her teeth on the live stage in various talent shows on Albanian and Swiss TV, all the while writing songs to beats she had purchased online and posting clips of these songs to Instagram.

Flash forward to a move to Berlin, Sony Music Germany snap ILIRA up and she begins penning catchy pop tracks in LA and London. She reached #1 on the German Airplay Charts with her hit collaboration “FADING.” ILIRA rounded of the year with upbeat cuts such as EXTRA FR!ES and PAY ME BACK!, and is currently in the studio honing her debut album.

‘I Believe’ – Phoenix Lord, Robin S

Phoenix Lord is a DJ producer who offers us a unique and fascinating musical universe. With a sound inspired by the Middle East and a particularly developed spiritual openness, he invites us to rise from our ashes, to relieve ourselves of our past mistakes, and then to rebuild ourselves and pursue tirelessly our search for eternity, yearning for a better world. Today, Phœnix Lord is rising and presents his first album The Mass of Phoenix, including A Deeper Love feat. Carol Jiani, Rise Up feat. Mr. Bolly, Prophecy and Ritual.

‘Rockets (Let’s Go) – Our Friends

Our Friends have known each other for a long time. A very long time. 14 years to be exact – a lifetime to be poetic. Spawned out of their shared suburban boredom of their youth, Our Friends is a band that looks wide and long in terms of inspiration, without ever losing sights of themselves. This is reflected well in their music. Their sound is an extrovert and unrestrained type of pop, but with an intimate honesty and vulnerability in the lyrics – one that is usually saved for one’s closest circle of friends.

The contrasts are seamlessly sewn together with equal parts melodic synths and sweeping guitar riffs. The result is the sound of uncontrollable spurs of creativity as well as a long and true friendship.

Wait there’s more…

‘Strong’ – Anna-Diamond

‘Electric Love’ – Minurva

‘Can’t Put The Work In’ – OneAndOnly

‘peace and quiet’ – GEF

‘Jungle’ – Megan Lara Mae

‘Shift’ – Bloom Phase

What are you waiting for? Follow the full playlist now!

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