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‘Head Movies’ – OZWALD

ØZWALD is the indie side project of lead singer and guitarist Jason Wade and Steve Stout of the band Lifehouse. Jay and Steve started the project over a bond of the Beatles and writing songs where they both sang together in a new project with no rules.

The duo has written and released 2 full length LP’s ‘Sweet Delirium’ and ‘Born In A State’ in 2019 and their new LP ‘Head Movies’ is due out June 19th.

‘Manzanita,’ the first single off of the new LP out Friday May 8th was the street that Steve Stout lived on in Silverlake, LA for 4 years

… fast forward to a relationship ending and having to pack up the studio, Manzanita was the last song idea started in that room once it was emptied out. Stout crashed at ØZWALD partner Jason Wade’s studio for the next few months and the duo recorded most of the record on their own in the next few weeks

… fast forward again to the next year where both relocated to Nashville and set up a new studio together and completed the album ‘Head Movies.’ THE END… for now…

‘Last Night’ – Yaielle Golden

Yaielle Golden is an upcoming vocalist, producer, and songwriter, aspiring to be one of music’s most influential treasures. Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, she was inspired to fulfill a career in music at the age of 4. She independently released her debut album, “Sincerely, Yaielle,” in January of 2019 at 15 years old.

‘Connected ‘ – Catnip Cloud

Catnip Cloud is the Electronic music project of Norwegian Kjartan Thorkildsen. His ambient guitar, lo-fi drumbeats and abstract lyrics form a introspective adventure. In the end of 2016 he dropped his debut EP “Glow” and is now producing and releasing lots of new tracks.

‘Undercover Dreamer’ – DRAMAS

DRAMAS have skillfully mastered the art of the in-between: Between a heavy heart and the knowledge that everything changes, that nothing stands still. Founded in 2016, the Viennese artpop duo presented a big and emotional debut with their album “Nothing Is Permanent”, which was released in October 2018 and landed indie airplay hits across Europe with several single releases from it – among others, the song “Mess” was voted to the top of the official listener charts on Radio Eins in Berlin.

As a result, Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither – who besides thrilles millions of people worldwide with his “Musicless Music Videos” on Youtube and even became a BBC prize winner – also made a name for themselves as a live band. DRAMAS have already convinced their rapidly growing fan base at Radio FM4-Fest, Popfest Wien, Waves Festival or as top-class tour support for the British shooting star Cosmo Sheldrake. Driven by the fascination of unconscious opposites and contradictions, Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither wrap heavy and oppressive content

into reduced, deeply moving music. “What’s so heavy on this mind?”, DRAMAS once asked in the song “Libra” and still celebrate the coexistence of these opposites with their very own musical sound. Cineastic synthesizer, drum and piano sounds merge with Viktoria Winter’s unmistakable voice to form a great whole.

After a successful single collaboration in early 2020 with the Swedish electronics producers Radiotapes, the first single precursor “Undercover Dreamer” of the new album will be released in May. It will be an album (coming in October 2020), which presents DRAMAS from a new musical side and once again underlines the duo’s international format and potential.

‘I Gotta Know’ – Davenza

The 16-year-old electronic music producer Davenza, real name Erik Ståhl, grew (and is still growing) up in a small town in the middle-west part of Sweden.

In 2014, his interest for electronic music started growing which later, in 2015, led him to starting to experiment with making his own music. Now, 5 years later, he has a whole assembly with his own Future- and Progressive House tracks, inspired by K-391, Brooks, Martin Garrix amongst others. And with piles of projects in motion, he has a lot more to bring to the table.


Wait, there’s more…

‘There’s Something About You’ – Jupiter Jayne


‘Houdini’ – Out At Sea

‘Spring 2012’ – Emily Guitar

‘Shifting Sands’ – Frankikmusic

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