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PLAYLIST: What’s New On The Popularizer?

What’s New On The Popularizer?

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So, what’s new on The Popularizer recently?

‘Count On You’ – Kelvin River

Dutch-born producer Kelvin River recently started his international musical journey.

Although he just released his debut album, Kelvin has had rhythm running through his veins for as long as he can remember.

Sparked by playing the snare drums since he was just eight years old, Kelvin saw his inexhaustible passion for music being born at a very young age.

He is now fully in motion and is further developing his quintessential melodic sound.

‘Get It Right’ – Burak Bacio

With a deep passion for house music, DJ and music producer Burak Bacio has been sharing his taste in music with the world for years. While Burak has been into music since childhood, he started his professional DJ’ing career in Boston, USA, where he played at several major nightclubs and held many residencies. After moving to San Francisco, he continued his career at some of biggest nightclubs in the city. He has opened for world-renowned DJ’s such as Chris Lake, Kryder, Julian Jordan, Chus+Ceballos and Richard Grey. His recent singles Cobalt and Halcyon have received critical acclamation from many DJ’s, producers and music critics worldwide.

‘Closure’ – Erlando, Jules Kyng

Jules Kyng’s ability to transition seamlessly to various parts of the industry makes him exceptional. In simpler terms, he has brought a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and hard work in all his endeavours — a rare blend of an artist, top-notch producer, DJ and creative entrepreneur. On his quest to the spotlight, he has developed a unique mindset for growth which has landed him breakthrough in his career. He discovered his enthusiasm for music at a very young age and began rapping locally at the age of 15.

An inspiring personality, he has also produced and written songs that earned him a top 15 record on Maxima FM, Spanish top radio station and several prominent names in the music industry on a national and international level. He also produced a multi-platinum record in the Netherlands which now hasover 40 million streams.

‘Crazy Freaky’ – Nik Alevizos

Nik Alevizos is an Australian music producer threading Deep/Progressive House with elements of various other genres to create his own unique style. His sound is deep and melodic, full of lush soundscapes, dreamy synth melodies, rich bass lines, infectious grooves, and moving vocals.

‘Stand Taller’ – Via Barcelonia

Via Barcelonia is fun. With a nod to music of the past and a leap into the music of the future, Via Barcelonia rides the fine line of authentic, festival pop coupled with honest, thoughtful songwriting. With their debut single “Just Wanna Dance”, it was evident that VB would seek to merge the sounds of time with the sonics of the world. Boasting songs penned by multi-platinum songwriters and production by Juno award-winning producers, this is an act with soul-stirring, stadium-ready songs, addictive and electrifying energy and one with limitless opportunity.

‘Best Day In My Life’ – Matiaz & Lorenzo

Matiaz and Lorenzo are Swedish brothers who come from Falkenberg, a small and quiet town in Sweden. Their real names are Robin Matiaz and Gustav Lorenzo Palm and the duo have combined their second names to make themselves known as “Matiaz and Lorenzo” in the Swedish Housepop scene.

It all started in January 2015 when the Swedish brothers decided to make music together, particularly in the Housepop space. Their first single “Lets Get it Together” was released in June that year. To this day, they have made 6 songs that capture the beauty and experience of summer, success, sadness, to name a few. Musicmaking is the duo’s passion project and their songs have made rounds and reviews at this early stage.

Wait there’s more…

‘Rose’ – Over Easy

‘Helsinborg’ – Ina of KingQueen

‘Dance With Me’ – Dave Ramone

‘Summertime’ – Andrew Hurth

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