PLAYLIST: What’s New On The Muse

muse: a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

What Is The Muse?

The Muse is a new playlist from Talk About Pop Music where we want to continue to help new artists reach a wider audience and spread their music.

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Meanwhile let’s enjoy what’s new on this awesome playlist…


‘Like Forever’ – LAWRN

‘Means To An End’ – In The Forest

‘Make It Back Somehow’ – Andrew Brien

‘No More’ – KERRIA

‘Ride Or Die’ – Emma & The Idles

Wait there’s more…

‘Newsflash’ – Sespool

‘Bend and Break’ – Leisure Theory

‘Somebody You Needed’ – Drew Thomas

‘In My Garden’ – Brioni

‘Restless Heart’ – Scott Boyd


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