FRESH: ‘You’re My Kind Of Man’ – Iliona Blanc

Iliona says “You’re My Kind Of Man”!

Following her song “GoldFingers” released in April, Iliona Blanc unveils her new single and music video for “You’re My Kind Of Man”. The pop singer-songwriter from Paris and based in Los Angeles, Iliona is a triple threat with a smooth and wonderfully textured voice. Her new progressive pop single is a sultry song that empowers women and teases men adding a fiery take to the genre.

The lyrics are fierce yet sensual with a catchy melody. James Bond Girl meets ‘Kill Bill’ in this incredible music video directed by Iliona herself. Embodying a mysterious femme fatale with a sublime figure becoming a super heroine surrounded by spies, Iliona finds an intriguing balance between both worlds of 007 and Tarantino. The artist showcases impressive badass Kung Fu skills in the remarkably well produced video.

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