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muse: a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

What Is The Muse?

The Muse is a new playlist from Talk About Pop Music where we want to continue to help new artists reach a wider audience and spread their music.

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‘Rowing Up The River’ – Spectoral

Nimbly blending modern pop with trip-hop, hip-hop and electronic influences, Spectoral’s cutting edge music pushes the genre forward. In the words of Dave Ruby Howe, Music Director of Australia’s national youth radio station, Triple J Unearthed, “Spectoral can be relied on to deliver some highly detailed productions with unshakable earworm qualities at their core.”

A revered rising Melbourne producer and singer-songwriter, Spectoral already possesses an impressive rap sheet of industry ties. He has collaborated with and performed alongside many rising Australian electronic acts, being a core committee member of the sprawling Melbourne based Beat Collective ( He has also worked with notable Australian heavyweights.

Spectoral’s music has been covered by PILERATS and premiered with SCENESTR nationally, airing on stations including Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, SYN, Radio Adelaide, Southern FM, Plenty Valley, 3WBC and Bondi Radio.

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‘Color Me In’ – Hillary Capps

New York based Singer-Songwriter Hillary Capps combines thoughtful lyricism with clean, soaring vocals and catchy melodies – captivating audiences with her alluring alternative pop songs.

This year Hillary Capps follows up her latest singles with a new full-length album this fall. The album, a collection of songs about finding balance and searching for a sense of home, will incorporate a unique release concept: the artist will release each song off her forthcoming full length in real time with the 2020 moon calendar.

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‘Anything For You’ – Backar

Backar is made up of Joseph Brooks from Los Angeles, California. Citing the band’s main influences as The Beach Boys, Depeche Mode, Prince, and 80’s new wave/synth pop the latest single took on many different forms before it became the version you hear today.

The original was more stripped back but it evolved to give people something that is danceable but also makes you want to cry at the same time.

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‘Just a Memory’ – Jac de Lune

Influenced by random things all the time – things people (fictional or real) say, sounds he hears, nothing is off bounds for Jac de Lune. In terms of artists that he admires he has taste ranging from Grimes to Kelela to The Streets to Madonna.

His latest EP ‘Ephemera’ was solely recorded at The School of Electronic Music in Salford where he handled all aspects of it, with some additional guidance from the technicians who work there!

The EP is pretty introspective but he’s very sure the themes and thoughts are likely to resonate with others.

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‘Empty Lanes’ – Wolfpup

Creative rebirths give way to emboldened energies, Wolfpup’s arrival allows for the revitalisation of the spirit that found support from Triple J Unearthed and rotation on the internationally syndicated radio show Lopsided World Of L. Wolfpup’s new single Empty Lanes explores change,
alienation and personal growth with an exciting honesty and intoxicating pop-production.

Empty Lanes strips pop strategy of its guard rails and allows for passing flashes of a club’s crescendo and windowed viewing of those hidden in plain sight moments. The tension in these
peripheral glances expelled by Wolfpup’s unflinchingly frank hook and the waves of electronica cleaning the way forward.

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‘Run With You’ – Ask Carol

Ask Carol’s first single of 2020, a catchy disco-punk alt-pop tune with a retro vibe. Intimate vocals and grungy guitars setting the mood, with a dreamy background and pulsating beat. The feeling of wanting to just get away, run from your sorrows, secrets, your life. Before it’s too late.. Mixed in The Village in LA, produced by Ask Carol. Similar artists: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, KOLARS, Faces On TV The first of several releases planned for this summer and Fall, leading up to debut album early 2021.

The song was written long before these challenging corona times, but lately the song has come to mean something more to us. We feel it represents a longing for just going away, to get away from it all, a feeling that has grown more intense as we all have to stay home for such a long time… Run With You is also Ask Carols first ever real music video, made by the band themselves, under the corona-lockdown. Filmed around Carols home in the Norwegian woods, this short story portraits two girls, two sisters, desperate to get away. One of the sisters is in a bad, abusive relationship, reluctant to get away, while her sister try to convince her otherwise.

Eventually she’s had enough, and the abused sister take matters into her own hands. They escape together as the story unfolds in a dark, Nordic environment that sets the mood for this dramatic story. Given the special circumstance of the corona-lockdown and that Carol, Ask (Ask is a real Norwegian name) and Carol’s sister were quarantined together, the three is the only people involved in the music video. Carol and Ask filmed, produced, directed, acted in and edited the music video, and Carol´s sister played the sister in the movie. A real Corona-lockdown DIY project.

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