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PLAYLIST: What’s New On The Popularizer?

What’s New On The Popularizer?

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So, what’s new on The Popularizer recently?

‘Greenlight’ – Victor Perry

NYC based singer-songwriter/vocalist Victor Perry has the unique ability to sing with a harmonic lyrical phrasing and contemporary crooning that’ll set any listener’s mind at ease.

Often compared to the likes of Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, and Rhye as vocal companions, Perry has found his unique niche by crafting lyrical capabilities that range from metaphoric calls for love to poetic searches of self-expression

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‘The Hardest Pill To Swallow’ – Black Sands

This is the debut single from the upcoming project by Amsterdam-based and US-hailing producer Black Sands. In this dark electric anthem, a resolute rock beat and driving guitar are uniquely paired with R&B vocals, all delivered in an alt-pop packaging.

The songs energy never wavers, and with it the impression that Black Sands is gaining momentum, too. The upcoming project was mixed by Nick

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‘Man On The Moon’ – KUILL

KUILL combines electro-soul and alternative influences to create ‘elusive pop’. A focus on melodic and lyrical vibes engenders a sui generis, regenerative sound. From humble origins in a North of England council estate, at 27, long-standing songsmith & melodist Kuill Cameron has begun the journey as an emerging artist after working with some of the world’s most famous musicians.

Subsequently performing to millions of people himself, KUILL now wants the anonymity and freedom to bring his new sounds to the world.

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‘Amazing Girl’ – Jayq TheLegend

JayQ The Legend is following up on his international success with the release of a new track made to call out importance of all women worldwide.

The new song is called ‘Amazing Girl’, a kick off to AMAZING GIRL SUMMER, a summer dedicated to celebrating women everywhere and the intelligence and fortitude and care they bring to humanity in these uncertain times.

The song is written by JayQ The Legend and co-produced by 1500 or Nothing – is dedicated to all the incredible women out there who are making a difference in the world.

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‘Let Me Go’ – Aeria

Toronto based singer-songwriter Aeria delivers a dark ambiance with an emotional reflectiveness.

Throughout her life, Aeria has always been encouraged to pursue music. Growing up, the violin was her primary instrument and she began singing and songwriting as a young teen in order to help cope with bullying.

Eager to learn more about the craft, Aeria taught herself the basics of singing, playing guitar and piano, and what makes up good lyrics. She attributes much of her ability to sing from her violin professor, Orest, who taught her how to tune by ear and sing through her pieces.

Aeria is an honours graduate of the Bachelor of Contemporary Music program at Humber College where she studied voice and music production.

Now, she is finally ready to share her creations. With catchy melodies and authentic lyrics, Aeria captivates listeners while she explores what it means to express her

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Wait there’s more…

‘I’m Alive’ – Gaurika

Set to take the music industry by storm with her unique song-writing and unique style,Gaurika has been successfully hailed by BBC Radio as “Exceptional… Powerful… Angelic… Haunting” having toured with them for campaigns such as Children In Need and Comic Relief alongside X – Factor finalists, other Modest Management/SYCO artists plus a number of celebrity guests.

Gaurika also successfully was the semi finalist as the Top 100 out of over 20,000 entries for the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in 2014 Gaurika has recently appeared on BBC London promoting the new single ‘I’m Alive’ whilst securing airplay on BBC Radio Asia & BBC Radio 1

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‘Heaven’ – Ben Kidson

Combining pop and punk is no easy feat. Arguably, the two are mutually exclusive. This hasn’t stopped Ben Kidson, though. An indie & punk fan who at a young age was enlisted as a writer by a major label, Ben was just as alienated by the restrictions of the pop scene as he was by the ‘self-righteous’ attitude of the punk scene. Isolating himself from both, he sought out a ‘new sound’ by hiding away in an airBnB in Appledore, Devon.

Emerging from this isolation, he brought with him a new set of songs, trying to combine the distortion and de-tuned guitar sound of punk with pop choruses and drum sounds. His fourth release (and first love song) ‘Heaven’, is a raw, honest track. A pop song in its simplest form, it’s coated with de-tuned, grungey guitars, 808 bass, and distorted vocal effects, and builds to a ground-shaking, epic chorus. Since the self-release of his first single, Ben has racked up over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone, and has had his music played in BBC’s ‘Killing Eve’, and ITV’s ‘Sticks & Stones’, as well has having his song ‘Money’ used as the soundtrack to skincare brand The INKEY List’s ‘Knowledge is Your Power’ campaign.

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