Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

PLAYLIST: What’s New On Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go?

Are you the worst for trying to listen to as much music as possible and this sometimes involves over-using the ‘skip to next’ button. Here’s a solution that will help keep you focussed on new tunes. A playlist full of new songs to listen to when  travelling. This can either be when you are travelling to work, jetting off somewhere on holiday or even just travelling by foot.

This way you are your very own captive audience. No distractions of iPads, iPhones, Netflix, cats or anything else that distracts you in a home environment. Perfect!

Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go’ is a new music playlist and it consists of 100 new songs being updated regularly. You can find our more here.

Anything goes on this playlist so there will be a little bit of everything!

So, what’s new on ‘Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go’ recently?

‘Follow Suit’ – Luke Jones

Follow Suit is the debut single from drummer turned singer / songwriter Luke Jones. Recorded at Orange Sound Studios with Russ Hayes this spring, the track has an alt rock poppy vibe carried by punchy drum grooves, sweet guitar licks accompanied by truthful lyricism and a powerful anthemic chorus. This is the debut release for Luke, but it is sure to be a success, it’s hard not to imagine the song belted out in any venue with crowds of people singing it back. Follow Suit is a song that acts almost as an ode to one of Luke’s childhood best friends, it holds a few direct and personal references to his friend that Luke hopes to give a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ message. This comes after his friend battled with drugs and drink when hanging out with the wrong crowd after the terrible loss of his father.

The song talks truthfully about his friends loss and having to deal with that living in a small area, intertwined with Luke’s own feeling of guilt for not helping him enough at the time. Lyrics like ‘I might stand and watch him die, and be sad online when he takes his life’ really give a powerful but truthful message. Luke’s approach and story behind the song is truly quite refreshing. It is a very mature song for someone who has been writing for just over a year, only picking up a guitar two years ago. He says he really feels ‘at home’ when he’s got a guitar in his hands and pours his heart out onto paper, and says he would feel nothing better than if others found solace in his music.

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‘If You Speak to Her, Tell Her Thank You’ – Prince Of Sweden

Prince of Sweden is a singer-songwriter from South London. Brought up in the country, he learned guitar from the guy with the strawberry farm opposite his house. In winter they’d sell Christmas trees together and jam afterwards. His main musical education came, however, from his dad’s one-man acapella rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog.

With a penchant for intricate lyricism, and a voice that has been compared to that of Scott Walker, Prince of Sweden writes songs that are both timeless and deeply personal.

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‘One Way’ – Happy Ghosts

Adelaide based Happy Ghosts is multi-instrumentalist Andrew Muecke. With an original focus on the audio visual with co-founder Ashley Starkey, the Happy Ghosts have traversed a wide musical ground since its inception in 2004. The Happy Ghosts have built a solid foundation over the years which includes airplay throughout the world for their songs and videos. In reviewing 2018’s “Divergent Theories” album, Happy Magazine, stated that “Across their twenty-release-deep discography, the band have formed one of the most unique bodies of work in Aussie music”.

New album “Voices from the Net”, the Happy Ghosts best release yet, continues down this path – the album has been constructed using ‘found’ vocals and rhythmic contributions sourced through global sharing communities

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Wait there’s more…

‘Bow (Brave Old World)’ – Nkos

NKOS are Flavio Manieri, Chris Shape, Nancy Natali and Marcus Billeri. They blend lush vocals, production savvy, old school musicianship & dj skills into a real live band. Drawn together through a love of all things 4AD and a good night out, they are where trip hop meets the dance floor, and where electronica meets indie. The end results move seamlessly “from light to dark and minimal to maximal” says Flavio. Where ‘Little Miss Numb was dark, ’BOW’ in its own way it’s probably even darker.

NKOS have just finished the final mixing and mastering of their debut album ‘From Dust To Life’ with a release date set for October on Beatbuzz Records. Very limited edition will be available for pre-order once BOW is out. More formats will be announced soon.

Despite the title and theme of the song, this was not recorded during the lockdown, it was instead made out of endless phone calls and file sharing between Flavio and Chris Shape, as well as recording sessions scattered over the years with the full band starting as early as 2014. The long, antsy intro sets the path for a track with a title and a set of lyrics perfectly fitting in the current climate even if produced in much ‘better days’.

The video, written and directed by the talented Zidrunas Ilgauscas was shot in London last year.

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‘Cloud 9’ – Sam and Sounds

Sam and Sounds blasted his way onto the indie music scene in April this year with his debut release ‘Do It All Again’. The hit single rapidly gained over 41k streams on Spotify & introduced Sam to the keen ears of over 23,000 monthly listeners in just over 4 weeks, also resulting in a spot on the iTunes Pop Charts. ‘Cloud 9’ delivers 3 minutes and 19 second’s of totally upbeat, fast paced indie pop feel-goodness. This hit was written following Sam’s experiences with trolls online.

Choosing instead to overlook it & respond with kindness, the inspiration for ‘Cloud 9’ was derived from a place of optimism & genuine altruism – this, combined with sound that’s led by electric guitars and Sam’s clear, youthful vocals that spill lyrics of honesty. “You’re not gonna get me down” Utilising music to emerge from a period of anxiety & depression in his earlier years, Sam and Sounds aims to connect his rapidly growing legion of fans with his music by creating sounds that people love to hear; music that’s written with a mission to motivate & encourage people to look forward. Sam and Sounds will soon be cropping up on radars everywhere – a young emerging talent with music that has to be heard!

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‘All Things End’ – Artio

After spending the past year establishing themselves as  one of the most prolific and exciting new bands in the country, Artio have been busy in the studio writing and producing the follow up to their critically acclaimed ‘Backbone’ EP.

This stand alone single sees Artio embracing new production techniques which in turn shows a glimpse of what the future might hold for this young act. All of the trade mark Artio sonic signatures are still very much in evidence but with dare we say it an even more mature sound both in terms of technical prowess  and good old fashioned songwriting.

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‘No Games’ – Layla Kilolu

This song is is taken from “In Memory of You” which is a collection of songs that Layla wrote about her exes over the past decade, carefully selected from eight of her albums and EPs. The COVID-19 quarantine was an introspective time that allowed Layla to reflect on her life experiences and how they have shaped her for the better.

Layla’s music reflects the dark and mysterious aspects of love and passion. Her EP, “Bittersweet Chocolate” (2011) featured “Secret,” a seemingly light summer dance song that depicted the burden of carrying a love that lingered past its expiration date, which the chillout tune, “Every Time I Close My Eyes” also echoes. “Complacent” was a story of an unhappy relationship that neither could bear to leave. “Let You Be” (2012) was a song that finally came to terms with the ending of a relationship. Layla was the lead singer of dream pop band, Mango Dreamers, where more bossanova beach-vibes songs like “My Paradise” (2014) and “You Found Me” (2013) gave Layla a chance to show that she wasn’t always such a downer.

In 2016, Layla released an EP, “Love, Los Angeles” that documented her feelings about the Los Angeles dating scene. “No Games” explained the inherent contradictions present in dating – “l don’t play games,” say both men and women, all the while doing exactly that. “Don’t Come Back” was Layla’s declaration to remind others (and herself) to cut off the zombies (those who ghost then come back to haunt). “Nothing to Lose” (2017) and “This is Love” (2018) are songs that reflect what an evolved, unconditional love could look like, the kind of love that continues on, even if the relationship does not.

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‘Ordinary Star’ – Imelda Kehoe

Ordinary Star is the first release from Imelda’s forthcoming album, recorded at Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin. Inspired by a conversation with 11-year-old Danny about The Sun, it became a Cinematic song which draws parallels with people in our lives who do extraordinary things but go about it in an Ordinary way.

Imelda Kehoe is an Irish Contemporary Folk Singer Songwriter who trained as a Nurse and worked in A&E and Intensive Care in Leeds working in the inner City and cites these life
experiences as being influential in her writing. She now lives in Wexford.

Her music taste is eclectic and influences are wide but her roots are in Folk music. The Album is due for release Late 2020/21.

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‘High Noon’ – Lone Deer Laredo

Lone Deer Laredo are Paola Suhonen and Olli Happonen and their back with a brand new track called High Noon. Recorded in Nashville Tennessee with the producer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Chuck Prophet, Hayes Carll ). The single presents the first cut of the forthcoming album Lone Deer Laredo vol. 2 (2/7). High Noon is out via Ivana Helsinki Records!

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‘Flower Town’ – XTIE

Born and raised in Hong Kong, this one-girl-band, writes, sings and produces her own songs.

XTIE says that ‘Flower Town’ is about running away from the old world of chaos and you can re-build your own flower town. Artist is born and raised in Hong Kong, a city which craves for democracy, liberty and freedom of human rights . Having a life in this age of absurdity, where we need to sit back and reflect the right way of living. Flower Town is somewhere you may have lost it during your busiest days. Flower Town is where the minds were tranquil. We need a great escape to our own Flower Town from the chaos.

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