PLACES BEYOND: ‘Cutting Dawn’ by Erik Johannson

During a recent visit to Stockholm I went to an exhibition at the Museum Of Photography. Normally when I visit museums I’m interested at the start but get bores really quickly and end up whizzing through everything.

However, one of the exhibitions this time had me hooked from start to finish and I spent ages looking at each piece.

The exhibitions was a collection of photos from Erik Johansson.

His photos are absolutely my idea of art and I loved every single one.

I loved them so much that I actually bought the book in the little gift shop and I NEVER buy stuff in gift shops.

I wanted to find a way of sharing his work so more people can discover it but I didn’t know what was the best way to do this. Now I’ve realised how I can do this.

Music is art and photos are art so I’m going to combine the two.

I’m going to work my way through the book and study each photo until I can decide the perfect song that marries up with the photo – in my opinion anyway. I also want to know what other people would think the accompanying song should be.

Obviously, as we are the playlist experts here at Talk About Pop Music, I’ll curate a playlist that can be taken as the perfect partner for the book. Once again, of course this is purely subjective.

 “Cutting Dawn”

‘Cover From The Sky’ – Deacon Blue

“I will love you when the morning is ascending
I will love you when the moon is riding high
I will love you when we only have pretending
When our home becomes a cover from the sky
Well my eyes have seen the dust and then the ashes
And the lowland and white sky of your home
And the rain that washed mascara from my lashes
And nothing gave us cover from the sky
When you’re gone I notice all your tiny touches
And it’s then that I see i’ts then that I know why
If the days become the walls you never wanted
Our years will give us cover from the sky
From the sky
Well we’ve been among the saints and the angels
And we don’t want to wait until we die
So we’ll stand among the ruins of our temples
And prey to god for cover from the sky

What do you think? What song would you choose to accompany this amazing image?


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