TRIVIA: Most Hit Singles In A Foreign Language In The UK Top 40

Who has had the most hits with songs in a different language?

Sash! currently holds the record for that with FOUR UK chart hits, each in a different language. They are: “Encore Une Fois” (sang in French), No.2 in 1997, “Eduador” (sang in Spanish) No.2 in 1997, “Stay” (sung in English), No.2 in 1997 and “La Primavera” (sung in Italian), No.3 in 1998.

Petula Clark is the only British act to have hits in three different languages; “Ya Ya Twist” (No.14 in 1962), “Chariot” (No.39 in 1962) and “Casanova” in German (No.39 in 1963) both in French.

One group has graced the charts with hits in three languages. Kraftwerk had success with “Autobahn” (in their native German), “Tour De France” (French), five other Top 40 titles in English and one bilingual (“Expo 2000” mixed German and English).

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