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muse: a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

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‘Dancing On The Radio’ – Docksuns

Docksuns are an indie rock’n’roll band with a mission to play Glastonbury in a Sunderland shirt. Unpolished and intense, visceral and real, their raspy vocals and rousing choruses reveal a simple motto:  #letshaveit.

Their new single Dancing on the Radio tells the story of an ex who became a popstar. The band, incidentally, don’t deny or confirm the existence of such an ex, but the track provides biting commentary on fame and suggests there is no place like home.

Docksuns formed in January 2019 around the songwriting nucleus of lead guitarist Neil and vocalist James. They set out to write melodic rock’n’roll anthems, powered by hooky guitar riffs and gritty north-eastern working-class attitude. They are, literally, sons of the docks.

The band regularly appear on BBC Introducing in the North East whilst playing capacity headline shows across the region in venues such as Think Tank, Newcastle and Independent, Sunderland and working with acclaimed national promoter ‘Scruff of the Neck’.

Their gigs are loud, rambunctious affairs followed by an after party for their fans. It’s a tradition called rock’n’roll. To pronounce it dead is stupid, because bands like Docksuns say #letshaveit

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‘Non Essential’ – Julia Karr

A quirky, fun indie pop track reflecting on friendship and self-perception. The song is characterised by sparkly synths, fun vocal effects, percussive elements adding texture and an overall upbeat feel. This is contrasted with the lyrics, which grapple with anxiety, insecurities and self-perception regarding relationships and friends.

While we often at times are acutely aware of our destructive behaviours, it is not always easy to break the mental cycle of loneliness and fear. At the same time, the artist watches her erratic behaviour and feelings with a sense of humor. A flute solo and acoustic guitars give the indie track an organic layer.

Julia Karr is a singer songwriter based in Hamburg, Germany. With a growing collection of songs, Julia is developing a unique sound that draws upon her r&b, soul & pop influences while blending in harmonies, synths and textures. Creative lyrics and catchy melodies characterise her songs and set the mood for self-discovery, honesty and reverie.

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‘Blame’ – Pillars

‘Blame’ is the lead track taken from the new EP ‘Circa’.

The 25 year old artist describes ‘Circa’ as “a reflection of past mistakes, regrets and behaviours. Echoing a time I felt so strongly about something that the words just fell out of me. Catharticism. Narcissism. Whatever you call it, it’s mine. I’m unashamedly apologetic to my lovers, for I love boldly and without haste. Now, always, circa…”

Honesty and vulnerability sit at the heart of the music of PILLARS, as the 25-year-old making her mark in the world of electronic music. Her moniker reflects this, inspired by the Christian pillarists who spent time in the mountains on a journey of self-discovery, secluded from the rest of society.

Shedding her past as an acoustic singer-songwriter, she developed her first home studio in 2014 and never looked back. “I leapt into the world of production blind. What was really exciting was that I came out sounding like…me.” It was a challenging time, as she came to terms with the diagnosis of an eating disorder, but music was PILLARS’ remedy – an outlet and escape during her recovery and darkest moments.

Out of this time came her 2017 EP, Honest People, an intimate account of experiences with mental health, with each song written at a different stage in her recovery. Having only recently decided to continue her journey as PILLARS unsigned, she is evolving into what she describes as heartbreak bedroom pop; “I’ll be opening up a lot more and drawing a line under
that time in my life.” Looking to the future heralds a bolder, resilient aesthetic pervading all aspects of her artistry.

The musical renaissance of PILLARS is under way.

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‘Kick It’ – Visiteur

Visiteur have arrived on the starry sky of pop music to observe human behaviour and remind you that everyone is a visitor on earth; for but a brief period of time.

With the bouncy bass lines of party banger Royalty and a dancing HYPEMAN on stage, audiences all over Europe have fallen victim to the glitter and glam of Visiteur.

They started off 2020 with a Baltic tour and with the release of “Kick It” they are one step closer to a debut album and the goal of becoming the first band on the moon!

The music of Visiteur has been described as Futurepop with elements of old school EBM and Swedish music journalist Fredrik Strage said the live show was “…as if Gary Glitter had a gangbang with Duran Duran”.

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Wait there’s more…

‘Get Out Alive’ – Alex Frew

You may have never heard of Alex Frew, but if it was up to him, I’m sure he would like to keep it that way. For Alex Frew, his music speaks for him; and his debut single “Get Out Alive” is loud and clear. The Canadian songwriter sings of love lost, navigating his social anxiety and wondering if he’ll ever be the same again.

This theme is juxtaposed with his soothing vocals that may make you fall in love with the young crooner; a happy ending after all. “Get Out Alive” marks the first release of many.

Eighteen-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Alex Frew is a swirling mix of emotions, yet unafraid to express the state of his mind. His sound speaks teenage angst that rings passionately over melancholy tracks, narrating a journey of wanting to be alone but needing to be in love. The one thing that is clear is his unique way with words when it comes to music. This newcomer is set to make his mark with his debut in 2020.

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‘A Little Bit Better’ – The 295

Formed in the depths of West London, The 295 (Two-Nine-Five) are a three piece rock band, comprising of Howard Gray (lead vocals, bass, and guitar), Ryan Bulbeck (vocals, guitar, and bass), and Luke Allen (drums).

Since the groups formation in January of 2019, the band have performed in some of London’s most famous indie venues, including Nabucca in Islington, The Fiddlers Elbow in Camden, and the historical Camden Assembly. The group were preparing
to play this years Isle of Wight Festival, before its unfortunate cancellation, and have recorded a debut EP, which is tipped to be released later in 2020.

The bands fifth single ‘A Little Bit Better’, released on the 19th June under indie label Baybee Records, is a hopefully anthem, written before the Covid days, but resonating so much more in these times. This guitar-led power-ballad is a message to listeners to remember that soon we’ll all be ‘dancing like a summer night’ once again.

The single also contains a demo of the quiet ballad ‘Reverie’, a song that tells of escaping old ideals and expanding our horizons.

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‘Danse Macabre’ – La Roboka

Meet Lady K & Robulus. Who are they exactly? Who knows for sure? Lady K has an ongoing history on opera stages. Robulus not only composes film music but is also working as a director.

They knew each other for a long time until they saw their potential during a film production they both worked on.

With La Roboká they share their common interest in exciting, dancable, captivating music and putting on an extra layer of theatrics. They jump between genres, give you an emotional anthem to sing along and then surprise you with an ecstatic danceable electropop tune

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