Pennan Brae

FRESH: ‘Strut 1980’s’ – Pennan Brae

Pennan Brae “Struts” back to the “1980’s”

Canadian multi-talanted artist Pennan Brae is influenced by music of the 1970’s & 80’s, so it’s harly surprising that his track, “Strut-1980’s”, recalls a time those of us old enough to remember with appreciate and get down to. The song comes from his album, “The Astronot: Gravity”, from which “Pay Dirt”, “Synergy” and “What I Want” are lead singles. Pennan tells us “Strut like it’s 1985! ‘Strut-1980s’ harkens back to the fun of the Eighties with colourful synths, a groovy rif”.

“The Astronot” album serves as the main soundtrack for ‘The Astronot’ film, streaming on Amazon Prime. “Crashland” and “Walk with Me” are the lead singles which feature legendary drummer Steve Ferrone and INXS bassist Garry Gary Beers. “Crashland” was written with Grammy-nominated musician Eric Alexandrakis. “Strut” is the third single from that album. “The Astronot: Gravity” is the second album from ‘The Astronot’ film with lead singles “Strut 1980s” Remix, “Crashland” – Club Mix and “Walk With Me” – Space Mix.

“Speechless” is the third movie soundtrack from ‘The Astronot’ and is an instrumental album stripped of lyrics. “A Woman” – Instrumental and “On The Highway” – Instrumental are two lead tracks featuring violins and pedal steel guitar. These albums were mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Grammy Award-winning engineer Sean Magee. “Space Race” is the fourth and final album from ‘The Astronot’ film. It is an album of 10 tracks connected via Sound FX to create a 42-min musical journey.

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