Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

PLAYLIST STORIES: ‘Cloud 9’ – Sam and Sounds

Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go!

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Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

These days, thanks to technology, we’re spoilt for choice when we want to discover new music there are just so many platforms available to us.

So, imagine how hard it is for the artists or bands hoping to get some of our ear-time.

We’ve came up with a solution that will help keep you focussed on new tunes by creating a playlist full of new songs that you can listen to while on the go.

Be your very own captive audience. No distractions of smart phones, tablets, Netflix, cats or anything else.

This can either be when you are travelling to work, jetting off somewhere on holiday or even just travelling by foot.

Find out more here.

Now – let’s enjoy hearing stories directly from the artists themselves who have just added their song to this awesome playlist…

'Cloud 9' - Sam and Sounds


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