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FRESH: ‘Into The Light’ (Album) – Chris Gill

Chris Gill releases his debut album, “Into The Light”

Saltburn By The Sea based singer-songwriter Chris Gill has just released his very first album. With deep and personal lyrics, distinct vocals and subtle acoustic tones, Chris has developed an eclectic sound that is utterly compelling. His debut album, “Into The Light”, which was recorded at Mirage Studios in Marske-by-the-Sea, was officially released on the 10th of September.

Chris tells us about ‘Into The Light’: “The album has a mixture of vibes and the running order is very specific; for example, the first three songs express the early stages of what would be a very tough and emotional period of my life during 2019. However, once we reach song four, it takes the listeners away from the main story – almost like a respite you could say – and this sequence follows through the album. The idea was to create something deep and personal that others can relate too, but also to remind us (myself included) that there’s more to life than heartbreak”.

In terms of his influences, Chris grew up listening to the likes of Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Dolly Parton and the Rolling Stones and it’s these musicians that inspired him the most. Speaking about his influences, Chris adds: “They inspired me because each of them had their own image and style that fans adored. Also, when you think about their backgrounds, and where they came from, they all started with very little and became so much”.

In 2019, Chris debuted his first single, “Libertad”, and quickly followed up with his second release, “What You Have To Say”, several months later. Towards the end of 2019 Chris became determined to progress his musical career by writing and recording his first album which would see him take a big step in showcasing his songwriting and performance. Together with his producer, he spent 12 months working on “Into The Light”. Chris is now focusing on playing live performances, hopefully in the near future.

“Into The Light” opens with the beautiful “Cold”, with a quality that matches artists and band’s with many decades in the industry. The song opens up into a perfect road trip classic with its guitar-laden choruses and foot-tapping bridges. “Play With Fire” is pure class. I love this song on first listen. On second, it’s sublime. A highlight so early in and one not to be missed out (and very possibly one for the repeat button!). “Goodbye” keeps the momentumn going is only with a tinge of sadness and loss in the lyrics. “Hard Times” follows with its infectious rhythm and hook, it’s very Proclaimers, but without the annoyance!

“Separate Ways” takes the pace and tone down somewhat but never loses the richness of Chris’ soul and passion both lyrically or in the backing track and that floods over into “Father”, conveying its very personal message that Chris wants heard. Chris ramps up the positivity with the superb “Meteorite”, yet another standout track on this album, with awesome vocals and it’s powerful message of love and meeting that person who makes you feel so good – and any song that uses the line “like being on cloud nine, I ain’t ever leaving” – is number one in my book! Chris continues his ‘odyssey’ into love with the gorgeous “All Thats In-Between”, and it’s quite clear, he is loving this feeling oh so much!

The album finishes with Chris’ aforementioned two single releases that precede “Into The Light”, the catchy “What You Have To Say” and the poignant “Libertad”, which introduced us all to Chris’ latent talent that he has now decided to share with us all and one that makes this first effort such an astonishing achievement. “Into The Light” has clean and mature sound and from such a young and clearly very talented artist. I hope this album gets heard as it so deserves to be and brings Chris out ‘into the light’, stage front and who knows where to…!

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