FRESH: ‘Loveless’ – Odesity

Odesity feels “Loveless”

After a steady, considered drip feed of releases in the last 18 months, North Queensland producer ODESITY shares his biggest single yet in “Loveless”. A powerful, escapist soundscape full of richly detailed textures and lush atmospherics, this is ODESITY as you’ve never heard him before. Having existed in some form for over two years, it was by chance that “Loveless” even existed given it was a nearly-forgotten demo.

After being sent to a friend to hear, she returned the song with the pop-leaning vocals and it was only after hearing this new perspective did ODESITY finally tap into the inspiration he’d been searching for to create the song as it is today. Inspired by the likes of Porter Robinsonor Flume, ODESITY’s goal is to not only tell stories with his sound design but to step away from ‘banger culture’ in dance music.

Instead, he has one mission only: to make his listeners feel. Providing momentary reprieve from the outside world, ODESITY draws as much inspiration from nature and emotions as he does a club setting.

By creating other worldly soundscapes with intricate, layered production, ODESITY effortlessly captures palpable emotion and feeling on “Loveless” to create a song that stays with you long after its over. Odesity tells us of the single, “I’m super stoked at how this song turned out, I can’t believe I almost shelved the instrumental!”

Having made a name for himself in the local scene by playing at Groovin The Moo in 2019 and receiving airplay on triple j unearthed for his #DIYSupergroup entry earlier this year, there is still plenty more in the pipeline from this young producer. He’s supported a veritable who’s who of dance music including Shockone, Enschway, LDRU, GANZ and many more, and has been hard at work honing hiscraft. Now, in 2020, ODESITY is now ready to take to the stage under his own spotlight, and “Loveless” is just the start.

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