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FRESH: ‘Be Like Stars’ – Chris Too Far

Chris Too Far returns with “Be Like Stars”


UK newcomer Chris Too Far follows up his debut single, “Mess Around“, with a powerful new single, “Be Like Stars” and he is just getting better and better!

The new song begins quietly and solidly but builds to a full-on electro-synth chorus with a massive POW! Ass-kicking and with easily memorable lyrics perfect for a big audience to join with.

“Be Like Stars” is a bittersweet song about a break up after the initial upset, when you finally realise that it’s probably for the best and necessary for you both to continue growing as people. So it’s saying to yourself and your partner “be free I’m here if you ever need me but I want us both to reach our full potentials without getting in each-others way like we have been doing whilst together”.

With two storming anthems begind him, Yorkshire born Christopher Bradley Atkinson – aka Chris Too Far – WILL be making big waves in 2021 as his music reaches out father and wider. Currently undiscovered yet soon to be known for his deeply personal story telling through his range of songs of infatuating first love to crippling heartbreak to mental rehabilitation and finally forgiveness. With each new song, Chris will to be telling us the story of a past serious relationship, chapter by chapter. He dives into the mental aspect of what occurs inside a young man’s brain head over heels in love to then being abandoned by that person.

Chris says: “My goal is to produce a guide to first love and heartbreak; my whole experience is documented in this first batch of music. People can listen to my story in chronological order and use it as a satnav to find their way back to themselves. I want to show men especially (I can only write from a dude’s perspective) that shit like this happens all the time so you aren’t alone, we all get the same horrible self-loathing thoughts at times so let’s be there for one another and talk more instead of being too proud to discuss openly how we feel. Listen to my tunes where I cathartically let loose of ALL my feelings and see that if I can come out the other side wiser + more confident than ever, you can also!”.

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