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FRESH: ‘Amnesty’ – Taboo Flow

Taboo Flow debuts with “Amnesty”

Synthwave, Chill Pop

New synth pop artist Matthew Kirton has just released his debut single, “Amnesty”, under the name for this new project, Taboo Flow.

“Amnesty” has a bubbly synth-electro pop sountrack and atmospheric vocals as the UK based songwriter and producer enters the rave with the first of six planned singles and an album for 2021.

Taboo Flow is a one man muti-instrumentalist, programmer, producer and video maker who uses vintage analogue equipment, synthesisers, drum machines, Guitar, Bass, drums and percussion instruments to create his unique sound. “Amnesty” looks at the point of view when someone miss reads your emotions and your seen as heartless and bad person, but in truth your good heart is breaking inside and the noise and honesty that comes from that breaking heart.

Taboo Flow’s album, “Clockwork”, has a planned release for this Summer and with the sound he creates with the first single, it will be something of a dream world to escape to with great vibes and a real chill, laidback feel to it. We await more…

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