FRESH: ‘Little More’ – HALAN

HALAN has “Little More”

Electro Pop

LA based synth and electro pop artist HALAN storms into 2021 with her brand new single, “Little More”, a bold and striking retro synth art number.

Having debuted last year with “I Don’t Know You” and released three other tracks, HALAN really strikes up the vocals and production for this quite outstanding new offering.

HALAN says: “‘Little More’ is about a texting relationship I stayed in for over a year, hoping it’d turn into something more, and I couldn’t bring myself to exit it even though it wasn’t going anywhere. The song took two revamps, starting off as a low key indie pop song and evolving into the dancey electro pop song it is now, at 20 BPMs faster. I realized that while I tend to write sad songs, the production doesn’t necessarily have to indulge my sadness by being slow and melancholy; they can make me dance instead”.

Having started her ‘project’ as HALAN just over a year ago initially with alt-pop recordings, the Singapore born singer and songwriter moves into an early 80’s sound coupled with a hard-nosed electro dance arena with synth sounds and a pumping beat that perfectly compliments her vocal talent. But don’t get too excited, HALAN has some more darker productions coming later this year with “brooding melodies and sad lyrics”. I ask, can we have a ‘little more’ of “Little More”?(!) All hail “Little More”.

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