STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 18th April 2021


The most played song by Steve at Talk About Pop Music this week was ‘Nåt dumt’ by Felicia Takman.

Is there anything better than a nice bit of Scandipop?

Especially when it’s sung in Swedish!

The Best Of The Rest

Top 10 Scrobbles

This is the top ten most scrobbled (played) songs according to my account.

If you have never used before I would highly recommend setting up an account if you are interested in tracking your listening habits across all of your devices.

  1. ‘Nat dumt’ – Felicia Takman
  2. ‘Say Something’ – Kylie Minogue
  3. ‘Courage To Change’ – Sia
  4. ‘Purge The Poison’ – Marina
  5. ‘1+1’ – Sia
  6. ‘Hold Up’ – Beyonce
  7. ‘Stupid Love’ – Lady Gag
  8. ‘I Am Not A Robot’ – Marina
  9. ‘Little Tot’ – Dotter
  10. ‘From Now On’ – Hugh Jackman

'Say Something'
Kylie Minogue

I’ll never get bored of this song and with rumours regarding an updated release of ‘Disco’ soon then that’s the best news in ages!

'Purge The Poison'

Great to hear new music from Marina!

She is absolutely going back to her roots in this on and I LOVE it!

'I Am Not A Robot'

One of my all time favourite songs – EVER!

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