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Steve – Founder, Editor, Playlist Person & Social Media Addict

Steve is from a village called Alford – home of Emeli Sande & birthplace of the Aberdeen Angus cow don’t you know – in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


He currently works in the IT industry (yawn) and he has a passion for all things pop!

He creates the best playlists ever and is pumping them out constantly.

Not Steve

Everyday is a Eurovision day with Steve and he will always stand up whenever he hears this.

Take a look at his posts here.


Christopher – Boss Writer, Kylie SuperFan & Music Facts Guy

Christopher could very will be the founder of ‘Lovers United’ as he is possibly Kylie Minogue’s biggest fan.

MEET THE TEAM: Christopher Smith

A huge lover of 80s music with a vast knowledge of music he certainly knows and loves to talk about pop music.

Take a look at his posts here.


Mark – Tracking Down Popstars Expert

Mark is our pop fanatic with an investigative tendency.


He loves keeping us up to date with what pop stars of yesteryear are up to now. So, if you were famous in the 80s watch your back because Mark may very well be stalking you!

Check out Mark’s ‘Where Are They Now’ posts here.

Hayley – She’s Our Number One

Hayley has her own blog at Just Another Blog From A Woman but she very kindly takes time out of that to review every UK number one song for us.


Hayley was born in sunny Oxfordshire & now living in even sunnier Yorkshire and spent her childhood days pilfering polo mints from her Gran’s handbag and doing everything in her power to annoy her brother.

From 14 years old she developed an obsession with music that led her to become a leading Blur loyalist. The highlight of this was being sick on Damon Albarn’s adidas trainer once. Okay then…


Welcome to Talk About Pop Music! 

Another music blog on the internet…

On the blog you will find, amongst others, features such as news, views and reviews on all types of music past, present and future.

There will also be regular items such as where are they now, cover vs original,  then & now, fresh music, chartsrecord breakers & trivia and of course many awesome playlists

We are massive Eurovision fans so there will also be kitsch a plenty – guaranteed!

As well as all our awesome playlists there is also the regular STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! which is a weekly playlist that shares my most played songs during the past seven days.

We are always on the lookout for writers, new music, ideas and would love to hear from you so please get in touch with any questions and feedback via or tweet us @PopAndTalk

 If you are a musician and would like to be featured on Talk About Pop Music or maybe you are a PR company and would like us to show some love to your artists?

Maybe you want to sponsor Talk About Pop Music or take on a blank space for advertising on the site?

 We promote music on our playlists for free but are always happy to receive donations big & small.

Contact us!


Twitter: @PopAndTalk

“Let’s get talking and start enjoying the music!”


Submit your songs to us via SubmitHubMusoSoup or MySphera to be guaranteed a listen. Boost your streams, discover new fans and increase sales with the Indie Spotify Bible.

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