Chart rewind

Chart Rewind

What Is Chart Rewind?

It’s the charts but from a long, long time ago…

Remember when the charts were good? When the top 40 was based on record sales alone?

A time before the internet existed and streaming meant going for a dip in your local river?

Well, the Chart Rewind is exactly that.

If I could turn back time, 30 years maybe…well that’s what we here at Talk About Pop Music do every Sunday evening!

The UK top 40 best selling singles, counted down in reverse order from 40 to No.1.

With videos to accompany all the new entries, the highest climber and, of course, that week’s biggest seller of all, the number one!

Chart rewind

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s our playlist for you to enjoy for the next seven days and relive a time gone by when we bought 7 inches, 12 inches, cassettes and, if you were rich enough, a CD single of your favourite song!

Our database currently covers:

We intend to add future and past years in the coming months as well as keeping up with the top 40 itself, as it was, exactly 30 years previously. The chart post and playlist are updated every week on the date they were published and it’s hardly surprising that this creates enormous interest from all retro chart fans of the 1980’s and 90’s.

So step back in time, turn back the clock, time after time every week with us and sing along to all those songs you remember, the one’s you’d forgotten and maybe the one’s you’d really rather wish hadn’t happened at all. Oh, and you don’t even need to press pause, we’ve done that for you!