INTERVIEW: Kylie Minogue

I’ve done a few interviews on my blogs now and I am always delighted when the interviewees decide to take part. Brace yourself for the next one – it’s only KYLIE MINOGUE…

Okay, so it’s the Stars In Their Eyes version of Kylie Minogue, Anne Martin, but that counts – right?

I’ve loved the new series of the show and Anne was the very first star guest this time round…

I thought I’d find out exactly what it was like to be a contestant on the show – over to Anne…

When you applied for the “new” Stars In Their Eyes did you realise how different it would be from the previous ones?

I did think it might be the same as the previous show years before but when they came to film at my house Harry had written out scripts and from that I guessed it might be a little bit mad!!

I think mad is perhaps an understatement – it’s bonkers!

What do you think of the new format?

The format now is fun and very silly! The comedy element is a big part of the show. It’s what you come to expect when Harry Hill is involved.

Definitely and I think people either love Harry Hill or hate him – there is no in-between.

When did you realise that you sounded like the wonderful Ms. Minouge?

When I was 19 I did a little singing and some friends mentioned I sounded like her. I just laughed and blew it off really. Then when this show came up I thought I would give it a go as her. I never expected to get the call!!

So, what’s your favourite Kylie song?

I love “On A Night Like This” and “Your Disco Needs You” is a good one. I also love all the Abbey Road studio sessions she did a couple of years ago.

I loved the Abbey Road sessions – they really showed how versatile she is as an artist. Let’s remind ourselves…

Back to the show – I love the whole “Adele’s Baby” thing but, erm, in your opinion – WTF??

Adele’s Baby! Hmmmmm, I’m not sure about that whole thing. Whether something happens in the final that will explain it I don’t know. It’s very random and daft. I wonder what Adele would think??

What do you mean – is it not the real Adele…

What were the other star guests like to work with on your time on the show?

The other star guests were fab. I have made some lifelong friends. We spent a lot of time together and it was part of the whole experience. Had such a laugh!

How heavy was the “duster head-dress”?

If anyone needs something dusted I can do it later…

Funnily enough I expected the feather head-dress to be really uncomfortable and heavy but it wasn’t at all – thank goodness. I did have to duck on various occasions though!

Looks like a bit of a fire hazard to me!

Aside from the performance, what’s your favourite memory of your time on the show?

My favourite time was getting pampered and made up. I usually look rough as a badgers arse due to my job! I’m a dog groomer. The costume was amazing and I have to say the whole team that were helping us were fantastic we got treated like stars for 4 days.

This was Anne before she was transformed into Kylie...
This was Anne before she was transformed into Kylie…

Who did you want to win the “not live” grand final?

I really Like Peter Sarsfield who did Franki Valli. Fantastic voice and sounded the most like their star!

Great choice – although I do wonder how he manages to sing so high!

Thanks for answering my questions Anne and here’s your tip to win…

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