Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Australia – “Tonight Again” By Guy Sebastian

Eurovision 2015 is almost upon us and now that all the countries have chosen their singers and song let’s give them the once-over.

The Australian song is called “Tonight Again” and is performed by Guy Sebastian.

Yes – Australia, let’s not get into talking about the obvious here!

To say that Guy is popular and successful in Australia is an under statement and he is is the only male artist to have ever achieved six number one singles and two number one albums in Australian chart history. The UK should learn from this and start entering our own musical successes as we have many!

The song was was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in the 2 days prior to submitting it – there’s no hanging about with the Aussies!

It’s modern, it’s catchy and has the feel good aspect. Guy has a brilliant voice and the song has got a sort of “Uptown Funk” feel about it.

Australia are automatically in the final and I predict this will do very well.



Performer: Guy Sebastian
Song title: Tonight Again
Song writer(s): Guy Sebastian, David Ryan Harris, Louis Schoorl
Song composer(s): Guy Sebastian, David Ryan Harris, Louis Schoorl

I don’t want tomorrow
Oh baby tonight’s so good
Tonight’s so good
This is one tough act to follow
Oh baby tonight’s so good
Forget tomorrow
We can do tonight again

Verse 1:
Oh Everyone’s got their problems
There’s always something on your mind
Oh but tonight we aint gotta solve them
For now let’s leave them all behind

Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Oh get on it
Ooh get on it

Verse 2:
Oh! Some people might call ya crazy
They say we only live for fun
Ooh They may be right but only maybe
But I can guarantee what we got is what they want

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