Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Greece – “One Last Breath” By Maria Elena Kyriakou

Eurovision 2015 is almost upon us and now that all the countries have chosen their singers and song let’s give them the once-over. The Greek

song is called “One Last Breath” and is performed by Maria Elena Kyriakou.

Maria is a mother of three, has a degree in Greek literature and won the Greek version of The Voice – she sounds superhuman!

Greece usually stick with a traditional type of music, will Maria bring something different?

It’s not the usual traditional Greek, it’s a big powerful ballad about love. She performs it well and has an amazing voice but…another ballad?


Performer: Maria Elena Kyriakou
Song title: One Last Breath
Song writer(s): Vangelis Konstantinidis, Evelina Tziora
Song composer(s): Efthivoulos Theocharous, Maria-Elena Kyriakou

My soul, I guess I’m just no one
you killed me and I am done, without a gun
my light has fade, I feel betrayed
just can’t be brave, without faith
How could you leave?


I’m begging you take me
wherever you have gone
come back and save me
don’t want to be alone
nothing left, I just have
one last breath

I’ m begging you take me
out of this firing hell
come back and save me
what happened wasn’t fair
nothing left all that I have
is one last breath
only one last breath

Couplet II

Just pain, fake love and drunken lie
Ι struggle to survive, I’m still alive
I’m fighting tears and fears apart
but still it’s dark, inside my heart


Best of luck Maria

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