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REVIEW: ‘Grand Romantic’ – Nate Ruess

Nate Ruess, frontman from the brilliant band fun.  released his first solo album ‘Grand Romantic’ in 2015.

I’ve been a fan of Nate ever since he was in his previous band, The Format and I was so pleased when fun. hit the big time with the anthemic “We Are Young“.

Although fun. have not split up it’s great to see what Nate can do on his own – especially after the brilliant duet with Pink – “Give Me A Reason“. I simply love his voice!

Does “Grand Romantic” live up to expectations? Let’s find out…

1 – Grand Romantic – Intro

Not enough albums have a short intro at the beginning these days and this really sets the standard for the album. The choir reminds me a little bit of “Never Forget” by Take That which can only ever be a good thing.

2- Aha

As far as opening tracks go you really couldn’t do much better than this. It’s ballsy, in your face with a hint of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”

3 – Nothing Without Love

This was the first preview from the album and it gave me more than a taste for the album it made me want to eat it all in one go right then. A song of pure emotion!

4 – Take It Back

After the highs of the first few tracks it’s time to take it down a little notch to get prepared for the next track.

5 – You Light My Fire

Dance? Did someone say we needed a track to dance around the kitchen to? Yes? Well – this is it!

6 – What This World Is Coming To (feat. Beck)

Remember the duet with Pink? Well, this is the bromance equivalent and just as awesome!

7 – Great Big Storm

If you’ve been holding out for a kind of “Some Nights” track well wait no longer – this is surely a close relative.

8 – Moment

I could listen to Nate’s voice all day long, there’s something so special about it and ballads show it off in great ways. This is a perfect moment.

9 – It Only Gets Much Worse

This song title is exactly the opposite of how this album progresses. Another ballad but bigger and much more acoustic and fantastic.

10 – Grand Romantic

It’s like Nate has taken us on an emotional journey on this album. Starts high, goes slow and this is him coming out the other side – a better and stronger man!

11 – Harsh Light

Almost at the climax, this song certainly leaves us with a sense that we have just witnessed something quite spectacular.

12 – Brightside

What will he leave us with? A sad feeling or a feeling that we can’t wait for the follow up album? I’ll let you decide but this could be the anthem of this album.

As a fan, I’m more than pleased with this album and I’d recommend any Nate virgins to give it a listen. Also, he’s quite hot too!

What do you think?

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