CILLA BLACK: Your Image Will Never Fade!

Cilla Black – The Legend

Although I remember her more as a TV show presenter I was always aware of her very successful singing career.

I knew of the most popular songs such as Step Inside Love, Anyone Who Had A Heart, Alfie and You’re My World but I’d never really listened to any other songs be her…until today!

For some unknown reason the people in the office I was working in recently didn’t seem to speak so my only solution to this was to drown myself in Spotify.

What will I listen to today, I thought?

How about our Cilla? So, I did!

The first track that came on was one I had never heard before and let’s just say in the past few hours I’ve played it over and over. What’s the song? “Faded Images” from her album “Images” released in 1971.

It’s brilliant and I love it. To be fair the first version of it I heard was actually a remix of the song but that made me want to listen to the original so much. This is the remix which isn’t actually too bad. If Cilla ever done a Cher – then this is it…

I also found a more chilled out version of it which reminds me a little of “Walk On The Wild Side”

What about you? What’s your favourite song by Cilla Black?

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