Madonna’s #RebelHeartTour Comes To Glasgow – “Bitch, We Wanna Be In Your Gang!”

Madonna, Queen Of Pop, arrived in Scotland by private jet just five hours before showtime and went on to put on an amazing performance at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow.

This was my second time to see Madge but I knew even before the show that it would be better. Previously at Murrayfield the venue didn’t lend itself to the performance very well but this time in the SSE Hydro I knew there would be potential for greatness!

Madonna was running late but I didn’t really care, I could wait. However, I heard some people complaining because they still had to get up early for work the next day – shame! 

When she arrived, the show opened with “Iconic” and the venue went wild!

I don’t have any actual videos of the show – I was sucking up the moment, take note people who watch the concert through their smart phones!

The staging throughout was awesome, from an X rated version of the last supper, Japanese themes and Spanish Matadors – Madonna knows how to put on a show, that’s for sure!

What I loved about it and what I think no other artist can do as good as Madge is work her older songs into her latest tour and make them seem just as current as any song you hear today. I loved what she did with classics such as “True Blue”, “La Isla Bonita” and “Material Girl”.

It was brilliant hearing all her new songs too and I particularly liked “Ghost Town”. My highlight of the show was “Living For Love” and probably the biggest cheer of the evening was when the cape was whipped off and Madge stayed upright this time.

There was plenty of audience interaction as she kept referring to her fans as “bitches” and did they want “to be in her gang?”. Yes, Madonna – we do! I think she forgets she has performed in Scotland before as she said at one point the last time she was in Scotland she got married – uh uh, Madge, remember that day in Murrayfield when you made hundreds of thousands of pounds?

Due to the show over running because of the late start – for some reason the venue had to cut the power which meant there was no sound or lights for the encore – you could actually see all the cleaners and stewards waiting in the wings to start the clear down. Did that stop the Queen Of Pop? No – she did this…

It’s hard to believe that 25 years after watching her Blonde Ambition tour on video that I was actually there at her latest tour and it was every bit as good if not better! 

Thanks for an awesome show Madonna and come back to Scotland soon…but be on time bitch!

What about you? Were you there? Have you been to one of Madonna’s shows? Tell me about it!