Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Come Together!

The visual identity and theme for Eurovision 2016 has been revealed – Come Together.


What a great choice – bringing people together through the power of music! Although I never really stop talking about Eurovision, I now feel that I can talk about it and it’s actuall okay since the contest is only a few months away.

Last year the them was Building Bridges and there was a competition to submit a “video bridge” which I did with my friend from Australia. Sadly, it wasn’t shown during the final but I had fun doing it…

I hope they do something like that again – although, “come together” leaves itself open to all sorts of innuendo does it not?

Usually I start reviewing Eurovision entries once all the songs have been chosen but this year I’m far too excited to wait so will be reviewing them as soon as they are announced. Can you believe there’s already five or six countries that have already picked their song?

There’s lots of things to look forward to on this site too since I now have my own radio station – I sense a few Eurovision themed shows coming up! Watch this space for a whole lotta Eurovision!

What about you – do you love Eurovision as much as me?