Amazing Covers From Danny McEvoy aka The Walrus Was Danny

I can’t quite remember how I stumbled across this guy but I am so glad I did. On this site I am doing a small project by reviewing every number one song ever. Danny McEvoy is going one step better and singing them…amongst hundreds of other covers!

Danny is a musician originally from Liverpool, UK and now living in Sussex, UK now and from what I can understand he busks full time which is awesome! He’s got over 4000 videos on YouTube of him covering songs from his home. I get hooked when I start watching and watch countless videos at a time – I don’t know when I will ever manage to watch them all and keep up with the new ones too.

Danny is certainly unique and I love his style. He always appears to wear odd socks and once he’s given his intro about the song he is about to cover he will always say “Rock & Roll” in that Scouse accent of his. As well as being unique he is uber talented and it seems he can turn his musical hand to any song from any genre. If you love raw, live acoustic guitar based music – you will love him too!

There’s far too many for me to choose from so I urge you to go on to his YouTube channel and take a look but here’s a quick taster – its one of the latest uploads and it’s one of my favourite 90s dance tracks done in his own style…

He also covers Eurovision songs so that’s always a winner with me!

Check out his Twitter, Facebook and YouTube sites and let me know in the comments below what you think…Rock & Roll!