Who are Paula & Ovi?

By Steve McSteveface

Join me in a stroll down Eurovision memory lane and let’s take a more detailed look at some Eurovision Song Contest entrants from years gone by.

In 2014 Romania made one of their best decisions of recent years by selecting Paula & Ovi to represent their country again with the song “Miracle”. This duo are a great combination, their chemistry is awesome, their songs are poptacular and their stage performances are amazing.

Take a look at them performing “Miracle” at the Romanian selection process.

Although they were just as great in the final and finished 12th I did feel that the staging wasn’t as good as the above version.

Not only are they great live, Paula and Ovi also produce stunning videos to accompany the songs.

Going back to their debut performance in 2010, the song “Playing With Fire” of course had a great stage show and video too. This song finished in 3rd place!

It was recently brought to my attention by a non-Eurovision fan there was a song by a band called CSS that “Playing With Fire” had ripped off. However if you check the dates it looks like it’s the other way around and CSS ripped off Paula & Ovi so if you are reading this Paula or Ovi then sue their asses off!

Thanks for the music Paula & Ovi!

What about you? Do you remember Paula & Ovi?