LISTEN: ‘Louder, Harder, Better’ – Galantis ft. Cathy Dennis?


Galantis ft. Cathy Dennis?

I discussed in a previous post the wonderful Cathy Dennis and how much I liked her and how I look into what she had been up to since her 90s heyday.

I was kind of shocked when I discovered this let me tell you. I’ve been listening to Swedish electronic outfit Galantis recently, you may have heard of this song from them – “No Money”…

I delved into their back catalogue and came across their album “Pharmacy” which was released last year. A song came on called “Louder, Harder, Better” and who is the main singer? None other than the wonderfully ginger Cathy Dennis…I think. I’m quite sure it is as she was involved in writing some of their tracks and from what I’ve found on the internet it does seem to be her. If you know different let me know…

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