Son Of My Father

Every UK Number One Song: Son Of My Father

Son Of My Father

What was the number one song in the UK on 19th February 1972?

“Son Of My Father” by Chicory Tip was Number One on 19th February 1972 and stayed there for five weeks.

What was the number one UK single from 19th February 1972 -11th March? Chicory Tip with Son of a Father.


“Son of My Father” is a song popularised in 1972 by Chicory Tip.

The song was originally published in German as “Nachts Scheint Die Sonne” (In the Night Shines the Sun), written by Giorgio Moroder with German lyrics by Michael Holm in 1971, and English lyrics by Pete Bellotte. The German version “Nachts Scheint Die Sonne” by Michael Holm was released in 1971, while Giorgio Moroder also released the English version “Son of My Father” under the moniker Giorgio. However, Giorgio’s version failed to chart in the UK. The song was released by Chicory Tip in 1972 and this version reached No. 1 on the UK single chart in February 1972.

Since its release, the tune of the chorus of “Son of My Father” has been regularly used on the terraces of British football grounds for football chants.

The band formed in 1967, their name having been chosen by Barry Mayger who saw a coffee bottle (probably Camp Coffee) which contained chicory and this was shown on the label. He offered up the name Chicory Tip and it was accepted by the rest of the band. They were signed to CBS Records. They were originally known as The Sonics. The first few singles flopped, although “Excuse Me Baby” (a remake of a minor UK hit for The Magic Lanterns in 1971) secured the band its first appearance on the BBC Television pop music programme, Top of the Pops.

The group’s finest moment came after their producer and manager Roger Easterby came across an advance copy of “Son of My Father”, a song written by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte—Bellotte wrote English lyrics for Michael Holm’s self-penned hit “Nachts Scheint Die Sonne” (which he sang) but Moroder wrote the music on the original as confirmed on the sheet music for the song. Convinced of its potential, he secured the option to rush record the group’s own cover version in competition with the original. The result was a number one hit in the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in February 1972. It was one of the first hit singles to feature a Moog synthesizer, which in this case was programmed and played by studio engineer and record producer Chris Thomas. A different account was given by Chicory Tip’s Rick Foster, who stated in an interview with TV and radio broadcaster Stuart Cameron in 2012 that the Moog was played by the musician who joined them on Top Of The Pops, whose name he could not remember. The single sold over one million copies by July 1972, and was awarded a gold disc.

I have used a clip from 1999 as I love Clive James and there were no live original videos, I don’t know about you but I do like seeing the actual performers.

This did reach number one later in the year here in New Zealand and the first few bars are so instantly recognisable.


Mama said to me: “We gotta have your life run right
Off you go to school where you can learn the rules there right
Be just like your dabbling father when it seems tradition
Never go astray and stay an honest, lovin’ son”

Son of my father
Moulded, I was folded, I was free from draft
Son of my father
Commanded, I was branded in a plastic vac’
Surrounded and confounded by statistic facts

Tried to keep me in but I jumped out of my skin in time
I saw through the lies and read the alibi signs
So I left my home, I’m really on my own at last
Left the trodden path and separated from the past

Son of my father
Changing, rearranging into someone new
Son of my father
Collecting and selecting independant views
Knowing and I’m showing that a change is due

Son of my father
Moulded, I was folded, I was free from draft
Son of my father

So what was number one here in New Zealand?

This schmaltzy tune was number one for one week and then we had another really, and I mean really schmaltzy “song” for anther week. Sometimes some songs really belong in the past – come to think of it, I don’t think I have heard this song on the radio at all. Phew!

And finally we then had The New Seekers with the Coca Cola song – I would like to teach the world to sing.

So back to the future,



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