Summer Soundtrack

SUMMER 2016: A Holiday Soundtrack

The Sound Of Summer

During summer vacations there are always a few songs that are listened to a lot and they soon be become a personal summer soundtrack:

Here is my Summer 2016 soundtrack:

Petite Meller – “The Flute”

This song is the absolute summer track for me in 2016. It’s crazy and bonkers and catchy and awesome all at the same time. The video just adds to that…

Michael Buble – “I Believe In You” 

I have to point out here that Michael Buble has always irritated me but I think I have changed my mind. I really like this song and well, he looks different now and kinda hot!

Hedegaard — “Keep Dreaming”

This song was playing as I was snoozing by the pool and I think it must have somehow subconsciously infected my brain. I actually really like it – very inspirational!

Sia – “The Greatest” 

Sia. The Greatest. I think that’s all that needs said really.

Galavant – “Parachute” 

This is another one that took me by surprise but soon stuck.

What about you, what songs are the soundtrack to your summer?

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