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REVIEW: ‘London’ – BritRoyal

Who are BritRoyal?

Reviewed by Victoria

As young aspiring singer/ songwriters BritRoyal were inspired by artists who could tell a story through the their songs. Such influences can be found on their debut album ‘London’. Despite the name, the album was actually produced in LA and the group, made up of twin brothers Kais and Mazin, worked with J.R Richards and Mikal Blue.

Over the 14 tracks, the singers discuss the ups and downs of everyday life. On the tracks, ‘Head Vs Heart’ and ‘Stronger’, the brothers have manage to deliver a powerful message about overcoming struggles in life and love. They have an almost anthem-esque feel and showcase the groups impressive vocals.

There is also a bittersweet feel to the tracks to the tracks ‘Tears’ and ‘Wasted I Love You’, which will resonate with anyone who has walked away from a relationship. It is track which add a personal feel to the album and will no doubt speak directly to the listener.

Few artists manage to create a “pop album”. Yet there is a reason why the act have been picked up by Abercrombie and Fitch and Macy’s to feature on their playlist and why there first headline London sold out. They have captured perfectly the emotions we all feel at certain points in our lives and through harmonious vocals and various musical genres created a new mellow pop sound.

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