LISTEN: An Interview With Hugh Roberts

Hugh roberts

Talking About Pop Music (and Books & Stuff)

Recently, on my online radio channel, I caught up with Hugh Roberts to find out about his favourite songs and a bit more about his latest book, Glimpses. I’d never done a radio interview before and Hugh had never been interviewed on the radio before so what could possibly go wrong?

There were a lot of buttons to press and things to control – which of course I had to do one-handed as the other one had a glass of wine in it obviously. However, after a few feedback issues at the start and an occasional minor mishap, I think things went really well!

It was great to talk to Hugh, ask him questions about his book while he also told me about his favourite songs before we all then listened to them together.

Here is the direct link to download the podcast, or you can click on the image below…


What did you think? Not bad for a first attempt, right?

Would you be brave enough to join me on a future show? Do you want to promote something while sharing your favourite songs? Get in touch if you do as I think I’ve got the ‘interviewing bug’ now. Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @PopAndTalk

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