Eurovision Song Contest 2017: France – “Requiem” By Alma

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: France -

Eurovision 2017 – France

The France song is called “Requiem” and performed by Alma.


Alma is 28 years old and the eldest of three sisters. Alongside singing she also plays the piano and started writing songs whilst she was on her travels. After finishing a business degree, she decided to devote herself to her lifelong passion; music and so she moved to Paris to pursue her dream. It was in the French capital that she met songwriter Nazim, who has also written for Amir, who finished 6th for France in the Eurovision Song Contest last year. Nazim wrote most of the songs of Alma’s debut album which will be released on 5th May 2017.

“I’m deeply honoured to have been selected to represent my country, France, at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest”, said Alma. “I strongly hope to count on the public’s love and support to deliver the best performance possible”, she added.

Alma is an emerging star on digital platforms and has been named as one of the most promising young artists of 2017. Whilst she deals with universal themes including love and even death, Alma brings a very personal approach.


The song Requiem was written and composed by Nazim Khaled.



Coming soon…


It’s sung in French so that’s always a good start as far as I’m concerned. It has a nice build up to a very funky chorus and I did find myself swaying along on the first listen so I’m sure I will grow to like it even more.


Having not yet watched a live performance it’s quite difficult to tell at this stage. Although it’s good and I do like it – will it stand out? I’m not so sure. Unless this is backed up by an AMAZING performance I can’t see this troubling the left hand side of the leader board.


Coming soon…

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Eurovision Song Contest 2017: France -

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