Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Cyprus - "Gravity" By Hovig

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Cyprus – “Gravity” By Hovig

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Cyprus -

Eurovision 2017 – Cyprus

The Cyprus song is called “Gravity” and performed by Hovig.


Hovig Demirjian is a singer songwriter of Armenian origin born in Cyprus in 1989. At the age of 16, Hovig started performing in various clubs, getting noticed in the artistic community in Cyprus. After dropping out of Marketing Studies, Hovig enrolled in a jazz music course at the European University of Nicosia.

In 2009 Hovig participated in The X Factor Greece. In 2010 and 2015 Hovig tried to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest by competing in the national selection, reaching the final on both occasions. This year, broadcaster CyBC internally selected Hovig for the 2017 competition with the song Gravity.


Thomas G:son, 49, wrote ‘Gravity’ and has been a full-time songwriter since 1998 and has written songs for artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Arash, Loreen, Pastora Soler, Edurne, Carola, Charlotte Perrelli, Nikki Ponte, Chanée & n’evergreen, Minus One, D’Nash and many more.

He has written more than 80 songs in different national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest including 47 in Sweden alone! To date he has had 13 songs in the Eurovision Song Contest, five of which placed in the top ten, including Loreen’s massive winning hit Euphoria in 2012.




Once you get over the fact that he has the look of Peter Andre about him the song really kicks in. It’s got a catchy chorus and, as with most entries from Cyprus, it’s flavoured with a sound of Cyprus which is always awesome!


This will qualify and might even finish up on the left hand side of the leader board.


‘No matter where you’re going
No matter where you’ll be
Wherever the wind is blowing
Let me be your gravity

I can be your hero
I can be your fantasy, oh
I can be the cure, oh
Let me be your remedy

Right beside you
I’ll never leave you

Let me be your heart and your company
I’ll let you be the one who can lean on me
I’ll catch you when you fall, when you’re fallin’ free
Let me be, be your gravity

Let me be your wings when you’re flying high
I’m gonna raise you up ’til you touch the sky
I’ll catch you when you fall, when you’re fallin’ free
Let me be, be your gravity

Attached inseparably, like gravity

As high as the highest mountain
As low as the deepest sea or
Wherever you settle down
Just let me be you gravity

Attached inseparably
It’s all we’ll ever be
You – me – gravity’

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Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Cyprus -

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