Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Estonia - "Verona" By Koit Toome & Laura

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Estonia – “Verona” By Koit Toome & Laura

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Estonia -

Eurovision 2017 – Estonia

The Estonia song is called “Verona” and performed by Koit Toome & Laura.


Power duo Koit Toome & Laura are Estonian pop royalty, returning to the competition after over a decade.

From Estonia comes the Power Duo of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. This is what happens when the highest performing male singer meets the decade’s most played radio artist and they team up with the country’s number one hit maker! As teenagers both Laura and Koit represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and 1998 respectively. Now they make their long awaited return.

The two singers have become among the hardest working artists in the Estonian music scene. Laura is the current head of the Estonian Jazz Union while Koit has flourished in the world of musical theatre. This modern take on Romeo and Juliet was inspired by the author’s recent trip to Verona. He has worked successfully with both singers before, but this is the first time that the ambitious duo will unite for a project.

Despite their solo successes, they work amazingly as a team and always make each other laugh. Now this impressive collaboration will bring its grand drama to the Eurovision Stage.


‘Verona’ was written by Sven Lõhmus. There is no doubt that 44 year old Sven Lõhmus is the greatest hit maker in Estonia. This will be his fourth participation in the Eurovision Song Contest providing previous Estonian entries for Suntribe (2005), Urban Symphony (2009) and Getter Jaani (2011). In addition to his Eurovision contributions, he has written more than 100 hit radio singles and won 10 Estonian Golden Disc Awards.




Oooo I do like a good duo and this is a good duo. The song is catchy and I can see myself getting this one stuck in my head. It looks like it good be a good visual performance too and I hope that the live vocals can deliver!


This will qualify and perhaps spend the voting hovering between the left and right hand side of the leader board.


‘Sleeping all alone
you wake up with a bottle in your hands
no sound of serenade cause we both know we lost our game

I was always high on loving you
before the romance turned to drama
like Romeo and Juliet once before
we are lost in Verona

Learning through the scars
will make you stronger time is the proof
I ´m not a loner kind
I know I just cant get over you

I was always trying to tell the truth
before the romance turned to drama
I hope the best in me was always you
before we lost our Verona

We are lost
lost in the crowd of the street
we are lost
like two sailing boats in the sea
we are lost
`cause sometimes we building and burning down love
we are lost our Verona

We lost and we found our Verona
We are lost in Verona

Reckless type of love,reckless type of love
we never said I`m sorry
we never said enough
this western type of woman; western type of man
disappeared in Verona’

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Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Estonia -

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