Out Foxed! ‘Holding Patterns’ – Laurence Fox

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a huge fan of the Discover Playlist that Spotify generates for me every week, it’s brought me some real gems that I would otherwise never have listened to.

Who is Laurence Fox?

One such discovery was Laurence Fox who to most would be better known as an actor rather than a musician. I’m no critic, but making the transition from one profession to another doesn’t usually work out well for more than a few. Not so with Mr Fox, he quite ably squeezes himself into the gap that was there for him to fill.

Initially Spotify threw the song ‘Rise Again’ in front of me, a likeable, catchy and memorable song that works its way into your sub-concious and has you singing at the top of your voice by second listen.

p03mtqk6Next onto my list slipped ‘Headlong’, a slightly grittier song, but still with a good beat and building tempo. It was toe tappingly good but not in a cheesy way because it could also have had me hammering away at my imaginary drum kit.

Before long I realised that there was another song that had grown on me too so I figured it was time to give the whole album, Holding Patterns, a listen. I wasn’t disappointed.

There’s a gorgeous tonality to Laurence Fox’s voice that makes him easy to listen to. There’s quality which makes you believe he’s never done anything else other than sing for his supper and there’s the music which sneaks up on you and smacks you round the face when you least expect it. Meaningful lyrics gave me something to relate to as there were a few I found quite apt.

At the time of listening, there’s not one song on the album I dislike, which is rare as usually there are some disappointments. It looks like this one’s a keeper, which means it will actually be purchased as opposed to just relegated to Spotify!

Good job Mr Fox, good job indeed. You certainly outfoxed this eejit!

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