FRESH: 'Asking' - AISEO

FRESH: ‘Asking – AISEO


By Steve McSteveface

To sum AISEO up in three words – bubbly, electropop, sweetheart.

To define that more AISEO is an upcoming electronic music producer and DJ from Newfoundland, Canada. Since doing her Masters in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation at Berklee College of Music Valencia, Spain, her technique and bubbly style has been getting crowds dancing on both sides of the Atlantic.

Born with a big personality and love of music and dance, this high energy performer is curating nights of the catchiest, make-you-move, disco and funky house music. Throw away the typical notion of male DJs jumping to hyped up songs and embrace the girly, loveable quirkiness of a woman who adores what she does.​

FRESH: 'Asking' - AISEO
Sure to rise to the top, this is an artist you don’t want to miss!

It’s all about ‘feel good vibes only’ with her and that’s fine by us as the world needs more of that right now!

​AISEO’s latest release is ‘Asking’ which is a mid tempo love song where she is asking to be loved by some hot Canadian Mountie. I’m pretty sure it’s not a mountie but I can imagine that right? I love the breaks in the songs after the chorus – I’ve been playing this in my car and when it comes to that part I can’t help bopping along. Watch the lyric video:

‘Asking’ is AISEO’s second release and is the follow-up to the infectiously catchy ‘Rise Up’.

Seriously if you could catch a ray of sunshine and play it Spotify – this is what it would sound like I’m sure!

Full of positivity, this is definitely her theme song.

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FRESH: 'Asking' - AISEO

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